Monday Mood Booster: My Kids’ Cute Coupon Quotes!

Look…My kiddos! Aren’t they ADORABLE!?!

Kids’ Cute Coupon Quotes:

My 6yr old daughter – “Mommy, you forgot to cut this coupon out!” and “Mommy, I like your coupon book. It’s soooo beautiful”

My 4 yr old son – While I’m scanning items at the self-check out in the grocery store. I press “Done.” Then right on cue my son says in synch with the self-check out machine “Do you have any coupons? Press YES!”

My 4 yr old daughter – “Look Mommy! We can buy this. There’s a COUPON for it!”

Anyone else have a funny coupon quote to share? Please share…I’d love to hear it!


  1. Michelle says:

    I just started couponing a few weeks ago and was real excited about the free w/doubled Q Danonino at Giant. Now instead of asking for yogurt, my 2-year-old now asks for, "free yogurt!"

  2. I love it! A 2yr old asking for "free" yogurt!

  3. I've got my 4 year old trained well. Now when in the store, he asks if I have a coupon for ______ (fill in blank with cookies, cereal, pudding, candy, etc.)

  4. Great one Kristina! My kids say that also.

  5. My 7 year old made a coupon for me to take him to McDonalds for lunch. He even made one for his little brother. It was so cute I relented and took them for Happy Meals.

  6. How could you resist a kid making a coupon esp when he makes one for little brother?!?…so adorable!

  7. My 3 y/o niece is a coupon savvy who knows how to read,spell and write “FREE”.:)
    She talks like a certified couponer like is it “BOGO” (buy one get one)?or Do we get “RR” (register rewards).haha!
    She also help me clip and cut coupons!:)

  8. Hi ChazZie – That’s funny. FREE and BOGO are good terms to know. Also love how she knows what “RR” is.

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