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Here’s the deal. I want to hear how you have been giving this month or how you plan to give. It could be anything big or small.

“For it is in giving that we receive”

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To ENTER, leave a comment telling us how you plan to give or already have given. For example, packing OCC Shoeboxes, giving toys to Toys for Tots, and/or giving to the local food bank. Your “giving” answer can be big or small. Even as simple as – I baked cookies for my neighbor.

Only one (1) entry per person!

You must be a U.S. resident to enter.

Enter this contest by Sunday, November 14,  2010 11PM EST.

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Good Luck!

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  1. I am participating in my company’s food drive. All of the food is going to the local food bank for kids who don’t have enough food on the weekends when they can’t get their free meal at the school.

  2. We get a lot of free and super cheap food using coupons at the grocery store…the kids and I always take some of it down to the food bank in town.

  3. Emily Robison says:

    Every year my family goes to feed the homeless. Last year we did it on Christmas Eve and it was a fantastic experience to be able to help people when they need it most.

  4. I love your entry requirement for this. 🙂 So far this month I have given canned goods to my son’s school for their food drive and have donated some clothing to goodwill.

  5. My family will be packing a shoebox [and decorating it] and filling it with personal toiletry items to be delivered to homeless men and women who either can’t or won’t stay at homeless shelters.

  6. We give every year to the Salvation Army kettles in front of the stores–plus we also donate to Coats for Kids. 🙂

  7. just subscribed to your newsletter via email : )

    I have given lots of food to my son’s school, they are collecting food for the less fortunate. So far have sent in two large bags and plan on sending some more. Also dropped off a huge bag of clothes at the goodwill.

  8. We do the Food Pantry donating and Toys for Tots 🙂

  9. april yedinak says:

    I am housesitting and dogsitting for my neighbor over Thanksgiving- and it is one BIG dog!!

  10. I have been collecting things like personal care, pet care, extra food, packages of socks for several months. I plan on taking my son with me, when we donate it to our local food pantry.

  11. My family gives at our church. We have a Giving Tree and each of the kids picks a name off the tree and spends their money for a gift for a child that needs a special gift. We also give canned goods and a turkey to family that needs help for the holidays.

  12. We donated to the youth and school food drive and at Christmas time we always pick cards off the “giving tree” at church to buy gifts for kids that don’t have any.

  13. Tina Maggi says:

    I’m participating in Operation Christmas Child with my kids and also taking my kids shopping to pick out toys for Toys for Tots. My kids are loving it, and hopefully they are learning the true meaning of the season.

  14. I gave moola to the salvation army bell ringer tonight!

  15. I posted some furniture, which is in excellent shape, on freecycle to give away free to someone who needs it! 🙂

  16. Chelsei Ryan says:

    Well so far I have made a box for Operation Christmas Child and I have donated gently used clothes and toys to the free store. I also plan to donate food to the food bank before Christmas.

  17. I just cleaned out my closet…the clothes are boxed and ready to go to a local charity.

    We love to make up little shoeboxes every year. I get lots of joy out of that. 🙂

  18. I am a military spouse so Toy for Tots is our charity of choice. Each year I watch the sales, coupons etc so I can make our donation $$ go even farther to help more kids have a wonderful Christmas. 🙂

  19. crispen richman says:

    A couple times a year my band and a few others put on a show in our town which the proceeds go to a childrens hospital.
    I also cut the yard for the guy next door because he had a heart surgery.

  20. We give both through our church and to a local food bank! We also have a weekly bible study at a local nursing home and are able to visit with residents who don’t have many visitors.
    curliegirlie03 at gmail dot com

  21. i’m giving our pastor a certificate in which we have purchased a goat for a family to use for milk and chickens for eggs in a 3rd world country courtesy of world vision program in his name. 🙂 i think he will love it and i know they will.

  22. My family and I are donating a lot of unwanted stuff for the less fortunate! We’ve already got rid of 11 medium size boxes and we have plenty more.

  23. I am giving all of my old baby stuff to a cousin who really needs it!

  24. Right now for giving the kids and I have been when we go to each store we also pick out something for the local christmas drive and we put it in the box.

  25. shala_darkstone says:

    Hi, we give food to the local Boy Scouts who use it to help hungry people. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  26. I plan to donate to food banks

  27. i am contributing to our food pantry
    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  28. My partner and I will be helping out at the local Humane Society with their food drive (animals have Christmas time too!) and also will be helping out the Coats for Kids as well.

  29. Help run a book drive for kids this christmas.

  30. The kids’ school had to lay off some teachers due to the budget out here in CO. I went into the principal’s office, talked to her, showed her my credentials, and have been volunteering my time as the Acting Assistant Principal. I’ve been doing teacher observations, 504’s, and anything she needs to be done. I’ve been volunteering about 25 hours a week or so. I figure it helps her, which helps the school, which helps the students. 🙂

  31. I’ve been spending the last month and a half organizing a fundraising event for my youngest son’s preschool- it’s tomorrow night and I am very excited for it because all the phone calls and emails to area businesses really panned out nicely! But, that’s really just the tip of the iceburg because I think it’s not just the big things- but the little things too- like letting someone with less items behind me go first in a line somewhere or something of the like. I think the small favors we do to be kind every day make a bigger impact- the whole pay it forward movement type of mentality is something I live and breathe by!

  32. My giving story…No matter how broke we are we ALWAYS give money to the food drive when we go to the store, even if we can only spare a dollar, we give.


  33. I plan on creating small gift bags full of lovely beauty products which I will take to the local shelter and will also donate a $100 check to the soup kitchen because I know every little bit helps!

  34. This month I have donated food to the needy. I have also made several babywearing slings that I have donated to new mommies.
    duncan.lisa at

  35. We are doing a few things- first, my preschool classes are donating new pajamas and Scholastic is matching each pair with a new book for children in shelters, foster homes, etc. We also are doing a Thanksgiving basket for a family in DC (my family is doing one, and the school is doing another) We are also sending care packages to the troops, making meals for the DC homeless, and making crafts for children with cancer. My kids have so much, and I think it is important for them to be a part of the giving, so they can see how good it feels. My oldest even asked for donations to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children this year instead of gifts. He did this for his last birthday too, and it really warms my heart.
    At this time of year, people get so wrapped up in what they want, but I feel so much better wondering what I can GIVE and following through with that. Makes me feel SO content, and that is something a “thing” can’t provide!

  36. My younger kids and I pack Operation Christmas Child boxes. In fact, they just got taken to church this morning. We start thinking about them when the back to school stuff starts being cheap, and invest in lots of crayons, notebooks, etc. Then we usually make a trip to the store to let the kids pick stuff out to put in the boxes.

  37. Ginger Chan says:

    My church is providing Thanksgiving Baskets for those in need. Each week when I go shopping I have been picking up a few extra things and donate it to these baskets.

  38. I donated cans of food to the local food pantry.

  39. I’m hosting auctions for First Book. It’s an amazing charity. I also recently donated to my chapter of GLSEN.

  40. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Our family will be donating various items to families around the world through the Christmas gift catalogs of World Vision and Gospel for Asia. Last year we did bees, chickens, & goats; still trying to decide for this year!

  41. thepricklypinecone says:

    I have given this month by helping our neighbor to move away from her abusive boyfriend. We are also helping a family down our street move what belongings they have left after a severe house fire to the place they are currently staying.

  42. Heidi Jacobson says:


    Well, I think all of us have given something to Goodwill or Salvation Army [many, not even for the tax breaks! (actually, seems to me many do not even know about those but I digress)]. I once was a seller on an unmentioned Forum, who sold merchandise–SOLELY to a) keep myself busy, so as not to ruminate, but mostly b) I enjoyed making OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY! Thus, when it came time to pricing any items I sold, I priced at the lower end, easily just making out even, a bit to cover any overhead expenses [shipping/supplies/gas/etc.], earned PENNIES, but GOSH DARNIT, I WAS DETERMINED to get that feedback of “you do not know how happy this has made me and my family…” or something along those lines.

    Just the other day, a woman from a classified Web Site, where I had posted a few different and used DVD’s, had requested I drop one off to her, asking if I could reduce the price a bit. Figuring that, by the time I did that–AND drove to her end of town, ultimately it would not be worth the time nor the money.

    What did I do? I hopped on a website, ordered a BRAND NEW COPY of the DVD, and had it gift wrapped, and shipped OVERNIGHT directly to her home. [If you need proof of any of this, I have witnesses/emails/etc…]. Not only did this woman respond with joy that made me feel so happy, but I almost wanted to cry out of happiness! For she stated that this very item, not only had she searched for it for years, but was BRAND NEW, and made her entire family ecstatic; particularly with their recent difficult news of their youngest son having disabilities–and the difficulties that come with that [getting services, making and meeting appointments, general care and concern, etc.]

    Above all, I am one to admit I am a hoarder. I hoard things. Thus, I have too many things. Thus, I am more likely than the next guy to give one a bargain! And, I would put up those signs on local classified ad web sites after garage sales for “*CURB ALERTS,*” but, I do not think my neighborhood would like that very much…

    I have been blessed with much in my life, and would like to share it with others. Recently I cannot say as much; but I know with the new year, things will turn around and be A.O.K.; Amazon Gift Card or not. =)

    Happy Holidays!

    *~*~* VIVA VALLEY ! ! ! *~*~*

  43. Heidi Jacobson says:

    In the case this is a literal random drawing,

    I am just putting in an extra draw, such that statistically I have a cinch more of a chance at winning.

    –tee hee.

  44. I am clipping coupons and buying double of the canned food deals and donating them to the food bank. My main grocery store has a donation bin near the registers, and that makes it super easy to get the food to the bank.

  45. Recently, I received a gift card to a local restaurant that I was able to give to a family in need at my church who were going through a tough time.

  46. Our church has a large food drive that we alway donate to, but the thing im most proud of is the large baskets that we have made up to give to families in need from all the free or cheap items i have been collecting, its to teach my children the true blessing of giving and they are so excited about it. God is good.

  47. Just had to say that I am so excited that the auction I organized raised $1325 for my son’s preschool!! So excited and now I am ready to focus back on the small things like volunteering at all the kids schools and working on the Elves Workshop that is coming up December 4th at High School South!! If you live in State College it is a great place to bring your kids to let them shop for very well priced gifts for everyone in the family, teachers and friends alike. There are live vendors, a silent auction and raffle and a cookie sale for adults to enjoy while the kids are shopping with a Girl Scout elf! And the best thing about this event is that ALL proceeds go directly to the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Foundation.

  48. I’m already in the spirit of giving this holiday season. We started out with cleaning my childrens rooms and will be donating all of the toys to the childrens homes. My children will be giving them to other children. We do this every year. Over the weekend, I was talking to a less fortunate person who needed some things and she usually shops at Kiwanis thrift store. I told her today is her lucky day. I had a $25 gift certificate for the Kiwanis thrift store in my purse that my son won in a halloween contest. I handed it to her and said for her to go get what she needs.