Do-It-Yourself: 3D Paper Hearts in a Frame


Did you know I love being creative and home decorating?! I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned this before on Happy Clippings. It’s been too long since I’ve done anything creative that wasn’t related to a kid craft project. Don’t misunderstand – I do love crafting cool stuff with my kids.

I want to place my creative energy back to making my house a home. And so begins this new series “House to Home.”

[This new series will be filled with ideas, DIY projects, crafty things and inspiration related to the home and some tips on making it affordable.]


My youngest daughter asked me recently – “Mommy, when are we going to put up Valentine’s Day decorations…Mommy, where are the decorations?!”

My answer – ”Honey, we don’t have any.”

Her answer – “YES we do! Let me get it.” She’s taking about a toy dog that when squeezed says something like “Come on…give me a hug…” repeatedly.


I say it’s a toy, she says it’s a Valentine’s Day decoration. Okay, I’ll go with what she says since it makes her happy. 🙂

Anyways, I began searching for a Valentine’s Day DIY project that was simple and pretty. Something that did NOT require sewing. (I don’t know how to sew. Anyone want to teach me?!) Something that could be re-used and blend in with our current decor. I was also hoping to use things I already have. You know…to save money.

I did find many projects that inspired me (see end of post for these links) but nothing I wanted to copy exactly.

 This DIY project is not a “kid” craft, but my kiddos did help. They were part of the creative process. They had a blast making many “test” hearts.


(Notice the printable coupons. Trying to re-use and not waste paper but made sure the coupons remained usable ;) )

So, here’s what I created – 3D Paper Hearts in a Picture Frame. I think it’s very easy to make.

What do you need?

  • Paper (different patterned paper is best. I used scrapbook paper I bought on clearance at Michaels)
  • Heart template (like a cookie cutter) or heart puncher (I have a heart puncher for my scrapbooking)
  • Picture frames (I used ones I already have)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape runner (another scrapbook tool I have)
  • Pen/pencil


Begin by cutting out some hearts. You will need four (4) cut-out hearts for each 3-D heart you make. I used my scrapbook heart puncher for the smaller hearts. For the slightly bigger hearts I used a heart cookie cutter as a template and manually cut them out. Fold each heart in half.


Select four hearts. Glue two of them together back to back . And then glue the other two hearts together back to back


Now, take the glued-together hearts from above step and glue those two sets of hearts together.


THERE! A beautiful 3-dimensional paper heart (made out of 4 paper hearts).

Make your background for the hearts. I used scrapbook paper and cut out a rectangle using the picture frames as my template.


Glue your hearts on you background paper as desired. This is where you can be creative and make it your own. I lined mine up to keep it simple. Two hearts in one frame. Three hearts in another frame. There’s a reason behind it.

The one with the 2 bigger hearts represent my husband and I. The 3 smaller hearts represent our 3 children.



On the mantle, I paired the 2 hearts with my wedding picture and the 3 hearts with a picture of my kids. That picture was taken a few years ago at my brother’s wedding. Can you feel the love theme going on here?!

Imagine all the other possibilities with this. You can place the 3D hearts on your background anyway you’d like. I discovered after completing this project that there is a new trend called specimen art (like this from Tatertots and Jello)! Mine isn’t like that but it’s another cool way to design it. I kept mine small and simple. Use your imagination. I am thinking of trying other shapes like a butterfly next time!

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  1. I like this idea and I’m looking forward to what else is to come with this new series 🙂

  2. Thanks Katie!

  3. These are SO cute! What an adorable idea! ♥

  4. This is so cute! Saw it on TidyMom’s link party and am now very inspired to make my own. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These look so adorable, and simple to make. I have a bunch of little frames that would work for this!

  6. These are super cute. Great series – i love getting the little ones involved. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Stephanie lynn

  7. Thanks ladies! I feel like my DIY and craft skills are a bit rusty so all your sweet comments are much appreciated. It feels awesome to get my creative juice going again!

  8. What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing! Love the hearts!

  9. Hi Sarah! Australia -wow! Your blog is beautiful.

  10. I love this idea!

  11. Love this!

  12. I love that this is 3d… very pretty!

  13. Thanks everyone! Still sitting pretty on our mantle 🙂


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