DIY Mini Paper Lanterns


It’s June…wow, is it just me or does it feel like half the year passed by quickly?! Summertime is upon us. I was thinking about summer theme decorations and immediately thought of paper lanterns. Have you ever made paper lanterns?!

I’m talking about the paper lanterns you probably learned how to make in elementary school. I’ve seen them used as outdoor decorations. I have also seen them used as inexpensive but beautiful wedding decorations

I decided to make some lanterns but slightly different.  They were inspired by both the classic version and my flower and egg garland. The mini paper lanterns I made are tiny, cute and curved.

To make the lanterns, I used scrap book paper, a straight edge cutter/trimmer, ruler, pencil/pen, glue and ribbon.


Here’s my Mini Paper Lanterns Tutorial:

I first picked out some fun paper. I cut the paper into 4 inch squares. So each mini lantern is made using a 4 inch square paper. I measured and marked a line 2 inches on one side. I then repeated on the opposite side. I also measured and marked every 1/2 inch along one of the lines.


I cut using my straight edge trimmer at each 1/2 inch mark starting on one marked line until I got to the other marked line.

I folded the paper at both 2 inch lines. I then wrapped the paper around and secured with glue.


You will notice the paper lantern is very straight at first. It has no curve to it…yet.


Here’s how I shaped these mini lanterns. First, I slowly and gently pressed down on the lantern. You’ll notice when the lantern is pressed down this way it almost looks like a flower. See the “petals.” Cute, right?! Anyways, to really get it to curve nicely, I also gently pressed on each “petal.” See pictures below for better visual.


Note: The scrap book I used is like cardstock paper. If you use lightweight paper, then you won’t need to press the “petals.” It’ll form easier into a curved paper lantern. Cardstock paper is heavier and requires more shaping. The white paper lantern below was made using printer paper. All I did was press down on it and hold for a few seconds.


The pink lantern on the left was made using similar steps found in a classic paper lantern tutorial. I included it in this picture so you could see the difference.

The last thing I did was string all the mini lanterns using leftover ribbon I had from my Silverware art project.

Currently, my Mini Paper Lanterns are adding a bit of whimsy to my kitchen. They are hanging as a garland on my kitchen window above the sink. It’s the perfect spot. I wash the dishes and can’t help but smile when I see the bright and cheery lanterns.


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  1. you’re remarkable! these are SOOOOO adorable!!!

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  4. These are so cute. Great idea for 4th of July decorations. Just get some red, white and blue paper 🙂

  5. Very cool! What a great decoration!

  6. SO FUN! Id love thsi for a b day party

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  9. Love that it can be made from recycled paper. Very sweet!


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