Octopus Hot Dogs and Fishies Under the Sea


Here’s a cute and fun lunch idea for the kids – Octopus Hot Dogs.  I knew I wanted to make this for my kiddos when I first saw the idea. It made think of an “under the sea” theme…which makes me think of the beach…which makes me think of summer. It’s a simple and creative way to serve hotdogs for lunch or dinner.

One of my kids excitedly called this “Octopus and Fishies Under the Sea” as soon as she saw it. I served this for lunch a few days before our beach vacation. All 3 kiddos were all smiles.

To make an Octopus Hot Dog (I originally saw this idea from Food.com.):

Cut hot dog in half length-wise leaving about 1″ intact at the end. Cut again in half length-wise. You now have 4 “legs.” Continue (if desired) to cut in halves to make a total of eight legs. I made eight legs.


Place hot dogs in boiling water and cook (as directed on package). You will notice the octopus legs start to curl in the boiling water.

Now for the fun part – I placed the Octopus Hot Dogs on top of buttered angel hair pasta. You could use ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese…whatever your kids might enjoy with the hot dog. I made eyes and a mouth using ketchup. I also laid a few colored goldfish crackers to complete the theme.

Have you served Octopus Hot Dogs to your kids?! What other fun kid’s meals have you made?

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  1. These are amazing!

    so cute!!

  2. This is great, Debbie! I didn’t know they made multi-colored “gold” fish… they “make” the dish! Fun for theme dinners/parties!

  3. For a safer and healthier option use “smart Dog” veggie hot dogs instead of regular hotdogs. I’m a RD and hotdogs and other processed deli meats are loaded with nitrates that are awful you our children’s little bodies. Thank you for this creative idea! Will be doing this fr my lil’ ones!

  4. These are so funny! They make me want my kids to be little again!

  5. We do fun things like this as well. Here’s a link to my post on some fun lunch ideas too.

    Thanks for sharing another idea for us to try.

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