Creative Lunch Box Notes – On Napkins and Paper (Plus Free Printables)


I started leaving lunch box notes for my kiddos when they were in preschool. My lunch box notes are usually cute drawings with a “Love, Mom” in the corner. These notes aren’t on paper but on a napkin. When I first started doing this, my drawings were simple like a soccer ball, flowers and rainbows. I also got into holiday theme drawings. But then my ambitious artistic side took over and I started drawing animated characters. I think it’s fun to color and draw with crayons as an adult. Anyone else feel this way?…or maybe it’s just me. 😉


My kids love these “Made by Mom” napkins. They even saved many of them (as seen in the pictures above). I will admit during last year’s school year (2010/11) I didn’t do this enough. Instead, I placed party themed napkins into their lunch boxes. I’m talking about the napkins you’d buy for birthday parties with characters like Hello Kitty, Transformers and Disney Princesses. If they went on sale, then I’d buy it. My kiddos also love getting these kind of napkins. But I want to get back to more personal notes this school year.

Here are some other fun lunch box notes to brighten your child’s day. I know I’m going to try a few of them.


The back to school apples from One Charming Party are adorable. I especially love the Apple Jacks as the worm.

I LOVE the lunch box note tags for fruit over at alphamom.

If your kids are Disney fans, then these printable Disney lunch box notes are for you.

The lunch box note/jokes from All for the Boys will make your kids smile.

Do you leave a note in your child’s lunch box?


  1. Hello! I have been doing the same thing (drawing on napkins) for about 3 or 4 yrs now! I was happy to see your napkins! I am wishing there were away to create a business with our passion… got any idea’s? Please let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you, Terese Sears

  2. Hi,
    Every school day I post free printable lunch notes on my site They are illustrated jokes, fun facts, etc. – please take a look.

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