DIY: Lantern Candy Jar

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Have you seen all the fun gumball machines made out of a terra cotta pot, saucer and glass bow jarl? These DIY gumball machines inspired me to make one but instead turn it into a lantern.

The gumball machines use a round glass jar. I had a salsa jar to repurpose and thought it made the gumball machine look more like a lantern. And so the Lantern Candy Jar was created.

This Lantern Candy Jar can be used to store candy or other sweet treats. It could also be used as a decoration. You could theme it for a holiday or party. All you have to do is change the jar’s contents to match your theme. Having a camping theme party? Then make this along with a Campfire Fun Crunch Snack. Want to use it for Halloween or for your fall theme decor? Then put Halloween colored candy in the jar. The possibilities are endless.


The materials I used for this project were a terra cotta pot, a terra cotta saucer, 1 inch round wooden bead, salsa jar, E-6000 glue (industrial strength glue), foam brush, black paint and black aluminum floral wire (12 gauge).

NOTE: I took my recycled salsa jar to Michaels (craft store) to see how it looked with various sizes of both the terra cotta pot and terra cotta saucer. The pot is the base and the saucer is the lid.


Want to know how to make this fun Candy Lantern?! Here’s the tutorial?

The first thing I did was paint the pot, saucer and wooden bead black. I did two coats of paint on each.


After the paint was completely dry, the next step was gluing the salsa jar onto the terra cotta pot. First, turn the pot upside down and then glue the jar to the pot. Next, turn the saucer upside down and glue the wooden bead to center of the saucer.


I then cut the black floral wire to size and shaped into a circle. I looped it into the wooden bead of the lid (saucer). The wire acts as a handle for the lantern. I made the handle into an oval and secured it using my hot glue gun. I placed the glue so it was between the wire and the inside of of the wooden bead.

I glued the handle so it would stay upright. I wanted it upright mainly for picture purposes and I’m not sure how long it’ll last staying that way. So far, it’s been upright for over a week. I think it would still work and look great even if the handle were down.


And last but not least – I filled the jar with candy. It first had M&Ms inside but now it’s holding Starburst. 🙂 What will be next…

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  1. Brilliant! What a fun idea and I love lanterns so this is genious! Thanks for sharing. Please come link this to my VIP party this weekend and have a Happy Halloween!

  2. I love this! The lantern goes so much better with our rustic/country decor! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. This is super original and cute! I really though you just replaced a candle with candies from a real lantern. I am amaized how creative this is! Very very cool!

  4. This is the cutest bubble gum machine..I love terra cotta pots ideas,they make great projects..

  5. OOOPS..The cutest lantern..Saw the bubble gum idea and love it also. Just so surprising all the things you can make from terra cotta..

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