DIY: Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments


I am excited to share some Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments with you. Two of these ornaments used to be small jewelry gift boxes. One of them use to be a Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go kit container. Talk about recycling and repurposing boxes.

I was initially inspired by my friend Kerry from Totally Target. I am extremely grateful for Kerry because she has shared some of my DIY projects with her readers. She recently told me how she helped her son’s pre-school class by giving them Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go Travel Size Kits. The class used the deeper part of the kit’s box to make diorama ornaments. If you are a couponer, then chances are you familiar with these kits. You may have several of them and you probably got them for free (using coupons). I had 3 of them in my stock supply.


Anyways, I imagine the diorama ornaments they made were wonderfully fun and bright. I personally love cheery Christmas colors as seen in my previous Christmas projects.

For this project, though, my thoughts leaned towards making something shiny, sparkly and snowy. This season I have seen some pretty DIY waterless snow globe projects. My Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments were inspired by both diorama ornaments and waterless snow globes.

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The materials I used for this project are a Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go Travel Size Kit, the top or bottom of a small gift box, sparkly bead garland, small pine cones, artificial snow, silver glitter glue, paint brush, silver glitter, ribbon, hot glue gun, industrial strength glue (E-6000), paper and scissors.


I made one ornament using a Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go Travel Size Kit box. For the other two ornaments, I used the tops of jewelry gift boxes.

The small pine cones were purchased at Michaels. They came in a bag (3oz) and were already painted white.

For the Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go Travel Size Kit, I emptied out the contents in the box and cut it apart at the hinge. I used the deeper part of the container for the ornament.


I painted the the outer part of the box – the back and sides – using glitter paint. I decided to also add extra silver glitter for two reasons
1) I wasn’t satisfied with the sparkle factor after applying 2 coats of glitter paint.
2) I was impatient. 😉

So right after applying my 3rd coat of glitter paint, I sprinkled on silver glitter. I was then happy with how it sparkled. I know there are other ways to accomplish this. I could have spread glue and sprinkled lots of glitter or I could have used glitter spray paint. One day I’d like to try glitter spray paint.


On the inside of the box, I didn’t need it to be as glittery because I planned to add snow and other accessories. I applied some glitter paint and extra glitter along the inside sides. I also sprinkled on snow. A little of the snow stayed in the box because the glitter paint was still wet. I added snow by placing glue (using a glue gun) in spots I wanted more snow.

I glued on the pine cones (using a glue gun).

I cut the silver bead garland into different sized strips. I then glued them to the top (using a glue gun).


I printed out some words that went with the “snow theme” on white paper such as “Let it Snow” “Winter Wonderland” and “Dreaming of a White Christmas.” I cut and glued these inside the box.


I also added more sparkle to the pine cones by brushing glitter paint on them.

The last thing I did was glue a silver ribbon to the top middle of the ornaments. I used industrial strength glue (E-6000). The ornaments, especially the one made with the Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go kit, was a little heavy.


Now, we have beautiful Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments. They look beautiful as ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree or as a display box on a shelf with other Christmas and Holiday décor.


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  1. Those are so cute! What a fun little project!!

  2. What an adorable idea!!! I think my 4-yr old would have a ball making these for her Grandmas.

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  4. Very, very clever! And those would make cute gift toppers for sure!

  5. These are awesome. You can use so many different boxes. So many possibilities. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. So cute…pinning for next year! Soooo done with decorating for this year! Thanks for the idea!

  7. these are adorable!!!! i love the look!

  8. Christina at I Gotta Create! says:

    What a fabulous upcycle! We were featured together over at Under The Table And Dreaming and I just had to come say how much I enjoyed these!!

  9. I love these! I’m going to save bits and pieces now and make these for Christmas 2012. Great project.

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