Snowman Mini Donuts


I told you about 7 reindeer shaped treat ideas last week. This list included reindeer mini donuts. Did you know you could also make some cute Snowman Mini Donuts ? I found this idea on Free Fun Christmas.

Snowman Mini Donuts could be served as a fun Christmas or wintertime snack. You can serve it at a winter or snowman themed party. I recently made them for my twins’ birthday. We shared them as a birthday snack for their class.

All you need to make these Snowman Mini Donuts are mini powdered donuts, mini chocolate chips, orange candy and white frosting. The orange candy is for the nose. I used orange Mike and Ike Candies. You could use an M&M, Skittle, or candy corn. Stick the orange candy into the hole of the mini powdered donut. The mini chocolate chips are for the eyes and mouth.


Use the frosting to adhere the mini chocolate chips to the donut. I did have some minor issues adhering the chocolate chips to the donuts. The small size of the chocolate chips was tricky to handle and sometimes they would not adhere because there was too much powder on the donuts. Overall, I was happy I made these fun treats even with the minor issue.

Snowman Mini Donuts make a sweet whimsical winter treat! I’ll definitely make them again.

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  1. These are just too cute! I love them, I am sure kids would gobble them up!


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