Creative Organizing Ideas – Jewelry {2}



I love finding creative storage and organizing solutions and then sharing them with you. Last month, I told you about some creative organizing ideas for jewelry using frames or boards. Here are a few more creative ideas I found recently for storing your jewelry.

Do you organize your jewelry like any of the above suggestions? How do you organize your jewelry?

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  1. I make jewelry & own about 70 pairs of earrings. One way I like to store them is by buying or reclaiming a piece of metal screen (sold in hardware stores and easily cut with tin snips) – cutting it into the size that goes into a wood frame on hand – and stapling it into the back inside of the frame. Depending on the frame size, this will hold a LOT of earrings. I have one frame in the bathroom (can be kind of pretty) and the other inside my walk in closet next to a mirror. Works well!


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