Freezer Cooking: Last Month (February)

I’ve been doing plenty of freezer cooking over the past few weeks but have not posted anything about it. The reason – I’ve been freezer cooking my family’s tried and true favorites. These favorites have already been posted here on Happy Clippings.

Here are some of the meals and sweet treats I’ve cooked up and frozen during the month of February.



I hope to post new freezer cooking sessions in the near future. Stay tuned.

What have you been freezer cooking lately?

I’m on a mission to make food ahead of time and freezing it. If you missed my previous Freezer Cooking posts, then be sure to find them HERE. My goal is to make and freeze food in less than 2 hours every 1 to 2 weeks. I don’t necessarily mean whole meals but food items that we can get from the freezer. It provides us homemade food that is convenient while also saving us money.


  1. I made your chocolate mini muffins and your banana ones AND your whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!! I also found a TERRIFIC low calorie recipe for chocolate chip muffins!! They are so soft and moist and yummy! I can share if you’re looking for something new to try!

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