Teacher Gift: You’re My M&M Poem & Jar Plus Other Ideas

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This year my kids and I came up with a Teacher gift idea that’s both sweet and simple – a M&M Teacher Poem attached to a jar filled with M&M’s. I orginally saw this great idea on Domestically Speaking.

All you have to do is get a jar and fill it with M&M’s. Next, write/type out the M&M Teacher Poem and attach it to your jar. You could also place a gift card in the jar with the M&M’s.


I created a printable for the M&M Teacher Poem for you to use. See the end of this post for the link or click on image below.

Here’s the sweet poem:

Last year, my daughter and I made an easy-to-make and beatiful gift for her teacher. Maybe you’ve seen it here already – it was a Colored Pencil Vase. You can also find more teacher gift ideas at end of that post HERE).


Also, if you plan to give a gift card to your child’s teacher, then read about our Creative Wrapping Ideas for Gift Cards post HERE.

Here are a few other awesome Teacher gift ideas I found. Check them out:

Download the M&M Teacher Poem HERE.

See our other similar projects:

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  1. Your M&M poem is adorable! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. theresa buckner says:

    very cute

  3. Teacher’s love gift cards, we have all gotten the “Teacher” items but a gift card, ahhhhh! I love that you “hid” a gift card in the M&M’s it says you “really” care about that teacher. Thanks for this.

  4. Tatyanna says:

    me and my husband work outside the home and with an extended family of 5, leaves me little time for crafts and coupons; both of them Iove! This M and M gift for my kids’ teachers is a hit! Plus, I can make some for my sisters who are both teachers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. this is sooo cute, and easy, my son and I can’t wait to make these for the daycare teachers!

  6. I was wondering if you have any Ideas for say “Mountain Dew” my daughters teacher likes it and she does not want to give him the M&M because she say they are to girly. Any help with a cute saying would be awesome. Thanks

  7. Lisa G says:

    These are great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Here are instructions for a really adorable felt apple brooch that’s so easy even kids can make it for their teacher:


  9. Did you have a small vase in the colored pencils? Wondering how you kept the flowers fresh?

  10. I just made these for my son’s therapists! What a fun idea, thank you!!!

  11. Ishaan kharbanda says:

    you are god ,guru & evrything 4 me

  12. Great idea thx

  13. Do you have a poem for Mother’s Day using the m&m colors.

  14. I would suggest enclosing the gift card in a clean baggie before putting it in the middle of food – -just to keep things sanitary.


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