Back to School Ideas: First Day Signs and Lunch Box Notes

It’s that time of the year – my kiddos go back to school soon. For some kids, school has already started. It’s hard to believe summer is almost over.

ColoredPencilVaseTheFinale(Colored Pencil Vase)

Here are a few ideas for your first day of school pictures as well as some lunch box note ideas.

First Day of School Pictures

I love taking pictures of my three kids on their first day of school. You get to see how much they have grown from year to year. Last year, I used “Back to School” signs from I Heart Naptime. The signs added some fun to our photos. I’ll be printing a new set this year and they’ll look like this.

You could also make your own signs. Another cute idea is to use a chalkboard sign such as the tutorial found on Make and Takes. (Side Note: It’s what inspired my Mickey Mouse Chalkboard.)

Lunch Box Notes

Do you like to leave a note in your child’s lunch box. I started leaving lunch box notes for my kiddos when they were in preschool. My lunch box notes are usually cute drawings with a “Love, Mom” in the corner. I like to call them Lunch Box Napkin Notes because they’re actually on napkins and not paper.


And because I like to be different, last year I created Wood Chalkboard Clips. I draw and write something on it and then clip it to a baggie. The best part is I can erase it and create a new message. I have fun with it by theming it based on the time of the year – for example, pumpkins for fall/Halloween, snowman for winter, and hearts on Valentine’s Day.


If you like the traditional paper notes, then here are a few lunch box notes to print:

Do you plan to take first day of school pictures? Do you leave a note in your child’s lunch box?

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  2. I have some of those wooden chalkboard clips from Pick Your Plum! GREAT idea to use them!

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