Freezer Cooking: Mini Banana Loaves, Smoothie Pops and 11 More Items


I have been filling my freezer with several homemade meals, snacks and breakfast items since my kids started school. The frozen meals help on busy nights. My family also enjoys having a variety of breakfast options besides cereal. It’s easy to warm up a banana loaf, waffle, french toast or muffin.

Here are the many meals, snacks and breakfast items I cooked and froze during the past few weeks.



  • French Toast Bites – I make homemade bread every other day. I often cut up my children’s sandwiches in cute shapes such dinosaurs, dolphins, and hearts using sandwich cutters. (My kids like getting these shaped sandwiches in their lunchboxes.) I don’t want to waste the outer parts of the bread slices. So I store the extra bread pieces in a freezer bag and when there’s enough pieces I make French Toast Bites.

What have you been freezer cooking lately?

I’m on a mission to make food ahead of time and freeze it. It provides us homemade food that is convenient while also saving us money. If you missed my previous Freezer Cooking posts, then be sure to find them HERE.

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