DIY: 3D Heart Decoration

Two years ago, I made cute little 3 dimensional hearts and placed them in picture frames. I am feeling sentimental about it. You see, I made those hearts because my youngest daughter wanted Valentine’s decorations and at the time we had none. It was also my first ever Happy Clippings DIY project. So in a way, you could say those hearts brought back my creative side and my love for do -it-yourself and craft projects. It also helped Happy Clippings evolve into the blog it is today.


Let’s get back to this 3D Heart Decoration. This time I made one big 3 dimensional heart with a cupid’s arrow. It is an easy and quick project to put together.

I already had beautiful Valentine’s Day themed paper left over from an owl project I recently made. I also had all the other supplies needed to create a beautiful Valentine décor.

The materials I used to make this framed Valentine decoration was scrapbook paper, red cardstock paper, pink cardstock paper, gray cardstock paper, scissors, pencil, glue, ribbon and a frame.

First, I cut out four (4) big hearts using 4 different scrapbook papers. I created a heart template and using the template I cut each heart.

Since I was going to fold the hearts anyways, I folded the scrapbook paper and placed the folded heart template on top. This made it quick and easy to cut the hearts.


I glued two of the hearts together back to back . Then I glued the other two hearts together back to back. Finally, I glued together the two sets of hearts creating a pretty 3 dimensional heart.

Using the same heart template, I cut one more heart out of red cardstock paper to be the backing of the 3D heart.


I also cut out an arrow using a template I made.


If you want to use my heart and arrow template, you can download it HERE.


I glued the red heart onto the back and then glued the arrow. I cut my gray cardstock paper to fit the frame. I glued another Valentine themed paper (6×6 size) onto the middle of the gray cardstock paper. Finally, I glued the 3D heart onto the middle.


One more finishing touch – a pretty pink ribbon tied onto the end of the bow. Now, our framed 3 dimensional heart is complete and gorgeous. It is even more lovely sitting next to a vase full of red tulips.

I hope your day is filled with happiness and love!

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  1. Dorinda Selke says:

    Hi — Just love your 3 D Heart craft ! It has been so windy and cold here in northern CT that I haven’t wanted to venture out of the house much! I think I have all the craft materials to make the heart except for the frame – but I will have to bundle up and go out for it ! Thanks for such a beautiful and inspiring craft – I also signed up by email and look forward to your blog – Hugs from a new reader, Dorinda

  2. Way cute!!

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