DIY: Canvas Art with Laser Cut Frames

This is a special DIY project because I made it for my mom. It’s a beautiful Canvas Art with Laser Cut Frames. I created not just one but 4 pieces to hang together. They look wonderful hanging in my mom’s bedroom. My mom agrees. She loves her new wall decorations.


My mom, who my kids call Nana, moved into our home about 1.5 years ago. We turned our guest bedroom into her bedroom. When my mom moved in with us, she did not change anything in the bedroom. Recently, she decided she wanted to make the room her own.

The first thing she changed was the bedding. She bought a beautiful set with the colors red, cream and brown.

I had originally decorated this bedroom with a blue and green color scheme. Above the bed’s headboard was a framed picture of a front porch. It looked great with the old bedding. But it did not match my mom’s new bedding set of reds and browns.


I think the canvas artwork looks gorgeous above my mom’s bed. I love the intricate design detail of the laser cut frames on top of the simple stripes. I wanted some variety so I painted two canvases with vertical stripes and two with horizontal stripes. I also used two different laser cut frame designs. Put together the whole canvas artwork looks great.

Want to know how to make this Canvas Art with Laser Cut Frames? Here’s our tutorial:

The materials I used to make this Canvas Art project were four canvases size 11×14, laser cut frames, paint, paint brush, glue, ruler, pencil and painters tape.


The paint is Americana. The paint color on the canvases are Mink Tan. The frames were painted Napa Red in gloss.

The laser cut frames came in a 2 pack. They were on sale 2/$10. I got 4 frames for $10. Canvases were also in 2 packs at 50% off. Paid $8 for 4 canvases making each canvas $2.

I purchased the paint, laser cut frames and canvases from Michaels.

The blue painters tape is 1.5 inches wide.

I first created stripes on the canvases.

I placed my blue painters tape on the canvas measuring 1.5 inches in between each. I marked the canvas, lightly with a pencil, at the top and bottom. Then I lined up the tape and pressed. I made sure the entire width and length of the tape was firmly secure onto the canvas.


Two (2 ) canvases has stripes going vertical and two (2 ) canvases has stripes going horizontal.


I painted 2 coats of paint for the stripes.


After the paint was completely dry, I pulled the painters tape off carefully.


I then painted the laser cut frames. I painted 2 coats.

I glued the laser cut frames onto the canvas making sure they were centered.

The next step was hanging our new artwork. I used the same technique I did for our kids art gallery.


I believe this is an easy DIY project. It’s quick if you only do one canvas. Remember, I did four so it took longer. The best part – my mom loves it. That’s what really matters.

Have you made any canvas art projects?

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I really love he simplicity of this project. The tan and white on the canvas is really classic! Beautiful.

  2. This is a wonderful tutorial. I pinned it right away. I love the idea. It really brings the room together. This would make great frames for family photos.

  3. Very cute!

  4. Looks great! I love the colors used in the room.

  5. Looks simple, great and beautiful! I love the idea. Am so inspired. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What kind of glue did you use?

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