Mini Succulent Garden in a Gravy Boat

I created an easy and quick gardening project – a Mini Succulent Garden in a Gravy Boat. Yes, in a gravy boat. I wanted to use a container that was simple and pretty. I also admit I thought a gravy boat would be a cute way to display mini succulents.


You may have noticed there are no gardening posts here on Happy Clippings. The most you’ve seen are fresh cut flowers displayed in a vase. There’s a good reason. I own no potted plants. I have in the past but with little success. What is the opposite of someone with a green thumb, is it a brown thumb?

Anyways, I think it’s time to try gardening again at least on a small scale. And by gardening I mean container gardening. I need a good beginner project.

I know succulents are popular. I also heard succulents are low maintenance plants. The combination of succulents and a small container seemed like the perfect way to get started.


Here’s what I did to create my Mini Succulent Garden in a Gravy Boat:


I placed rocks/pebbles at the bottom of my gravy boat. I then put a layer of soil. I used soil specially formulated for slow growing plants such as succulents. so I placed my succulents in the  gravy boat and filled in with more soil. I tapped the soil down. I lightly sprayed water on the soil being careful not to overdo it.

Since I am no gardening expert, I researched and read about the planting and caring of succulents. Here’s a post and a video from Home Depot I found useful.

It looks beautiful now. Lets hope it stays that way. Wish me luck.


Do you like container gardening? Do you have succulents in your home?

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