Halloween Monster Paper Lanterns (Kids Craft)

I am excited to share this cute and easy Halloween kids craft with you. I had just as much fun making them as my kids did. In our house, we are all about cute Halloween decorations instead of scary ones. So our first craft project of the Halloween season are these adorable Monster Paper Lanterns.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersFinale

I mean it when I say this is an easy craft project. Kids can make it with little to no assistance. You may already be familiar with making paper lanterns. This is just decorating it to look like cute monsters.

The materials we used to make these Halloween Monster Paper Lanterns were papers in Halloween colors, white cardstock paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, glue, ribbon and goggly/wiggle eyes. The goggly eyes are in a variety of sizes. The papers we used I cut into 6 inch squares.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersMaterials

First, I folded a 6 inch square piece of paper in half.

I then made a fold about 1/2 an inch at the top. I did this to have a mark for where to stop when I do my cutting.

I also measured and marked every 1/2 inch along the fold using a ruler and pencil. This step is an optional step. My oldest daughter cut her paper lantern without any marks.

My kids and I then cut lines with scissors until the folded mark at the top. As I said above, my oldest daughter cut without needing any pencil marks. My younger daughter wanted the marked lines as a guide. My son didn’t want to cut at all. He just wanted to decorate the paper lanterns which was fine with me.

(See the picture below for visual step by step.)


We wrapped the paper around and secured with glue at both ends.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersJustPaperComplete

Now the fun part begins – decorating the paper lanterns to look like monsters. We glued on wiggle eyes. You can do one to however many.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersGogglyWiggleEyes

I cut out teeth using white cardstock paper. We glued on the teeth.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersTeeth

Here are some of my kids creations. They are all different. Some have two eyes, different sized eyes, or eyes lined up vertically. There’s no wrong way to decorate these monster paper lanterns.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersKidsCreations

Aren’t these Monster Paper Lanterns fun? They are now part of our collection of kid friendly décor we hang on our kitchen chandelier.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersCloseupThree

Have you made any Halloween projects with you kids?

Happy Crafting!

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  1. this is awesome and and a great craft for my daycare kids they loved it


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