Monster Rice Krispies Treats

Earlier today, I made these adorable Monster Rice Krispies Treats for my kids’ classroom Halloween party. Yes, it was so easy I am already posting about it. I wanted to share it with you as soon as possible in case you needed to make a last minute Halloween treat. You could serve them at a Monster-themed party. Match them with my Monster Paper Lanterns and my Monster Wreath with Colored Googly Eyes.


I made the classic Rice Krispies Treats recipe. All I did was shape them into balls and then top them with sugar sprinkles and candy eyeballs.


To make the Rice Krispies Treats into ball shapes, I used my fingers to scoop the mixture. I them shaped it using my hands.

Tip: I put a lot of butter on the palm of my hands and fingers so the mixture wouldn’t stick to them. I repeated this whenever my hands started getting sticky.


I topped the Rice Krispies Treats with sugar sprinkles in orange, purple and green. Another way to color to your monsters is to add food coloring to the melted marshmallow mix before adding the Rice Krispies cereal.

I used colored sugar sprinkles to give my monsters their color. It is easier this way in my opinion.


I added Wilton Candy Eyeballs to the Rice Krispies treats. I used Wilton Tube Decorating Gel – White to keep the eyes in place on the Monster Rice Krispies Treats.

How fun are these monster treats? I was able to make 20 little monsters.

Have you made any Halloween or monster treats?

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  1. Its looks delicious and healthy. thank you for the post.

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