Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Treats

Did I tell you I have not one but three kid birthdays to celebrate just days before Christmas?

I already told you about one in the previous post.

The other two are on the same day – the twins.

After 10 years of this, I should be used to all the crazy fun it brings to the holidays. I am… kind of.


I try to make their birthday celebrations special and separate from Christmas. Although, my kids like to have their classroom birthday treats Christmas themed.

This year, I made Christmas Tree Rice Kristie Treats for the twins to share with their class.


I made the classic Rice Krispies Treats recipe.

I cut the Rice Krispies Treats into triangles. You could use a Christmas tree cookie cutter but simple triangles are easier to make.

I decorated them using green icing, mini red M&M’s as ornaments and mini yellow M&M’s as the stars.

I also decided to keep the trees simple by not coloring them green (using food coloring or even green sprinkles). During y first attempt, I did use green sugar sprinkles but it made the Rice Krispies treats taste too sweet. I think it looks nice without the coloring. The green icing garland gives it enough color.

Also, just like on my Christmas Tree Brownies, the green icing garland paired with the yellow M&M stars and red M&M ornament makes it holiday-ish.

Have you made any Christmas treats this holiday season?

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