DIY Thanksgiving Burlap Banner

The inspiration for this Thanksgiving Burlap Banner came from a reader. She left a sweet comment on my Halloween Burlap Banner post. She mentioned how I needed “to design a cutie pie Thanksgiving one.” Ask and you shall receive. I actually love the idea and was more than happy to design a pretty little Thanksgiving Burlap Banner.


I was excited to start creating Thanksgiving themed pictures for this banner because I love to draw and color. I must point out this a mini banner. The pieces measure about 3×4 inches. It may be small in size but it’s still adorable. You could, of course, size yours to be bigger.

The materials I used to make this Thanksgiving Burlap Banner were Sharpie markers (brown, orange, red, yellow, gray and black), burlap (light color), felt (dark brown color), scissors, banner templates, ribbon, mini clothespins, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.


One banner template is slightly bigger. I used the big template for the felt background and the smaller template for the burlap.

I traced my big template using a black Sharpie onto the felt. I cut out my felt banner piece. I repeated until I had 5 felt banner pieces.

I traced my small template using a pencil onto the burlap. I cut out my burlap banner piece. I repeated until I had 5 burlap banner pieces.


I drew one Thanksgiving themed item for each banner piece. I drew a turkey, pumpkins and leaves.

I kept my drawings simple. Just like the drawings in my Halloween banner, you don’t need be a detailed artist to draw these Thanksgiving themed objects.

See the photo below to see how I drew a pumpkin. The pumpkin is orange with brown as the outline and stem.


I love how the falls colors blend together in our Stained Glass Turkeys. I wanted the same effect for the leaf design. I first colored in the leaf mostly red, then added some orange and then some yellow. I outlined the leaf in brown. See the photo below to see how I drew and colored the leaf.


The turkey was based on my Thanksgiving Turkey Cups and my Turkey Wreath. The turkey is brown and it’s feathers were outlined in brown. Eyes are black with yellow outline, beak is yellow and wattle is red. See the photo below for how I drew the turkey.


Similar to the leaf design of this banner, I wanted the turkey feathers to be a mix of colors together.


The burlap banner pieces and the felt banner pieces were attached using a hot glue gun. I put glue only at the top part of the banner pieces.


I have the banner pieces hanging using mini clothespins attached to ribbon.


My pretty little Thanksgiving Burlap Banner is complete. Isn’t it a work of art?

Have you made any Thanksgiving decorations?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Felt Leaf Turkey Wreath

I have another fun Thanksgiving turkey craft to share with you. I made a mini Felt Leaf Turkey Wreath to display on our mantle. Do you ever think of a craft project, picture it in your head and hope it turns out just as pretty as you imagine it? Well, this Turkey Wreath turned out better than I expected. The beautiful fall colored felt leaves and the cute turkey face make it a perfect Thanksgiving decoration.


I’ve seen many gorgeous felt leaf wreaths. I have admired them but never thought about making one of my own. I did, however, wanted to create a cute Turkey Wreath. I love turkey crafts for Thanksgiving. So, I made a mini version of a felt leaf wreath and added an adorable turkey face.

The materials I used to make this mini Felt Leaf Turkey Wreath were a small wreath form (8 inches), brown ribbon, felt in a variety of fall colors, white felt, black felt, brown stiffened felt, scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks.


I wrapped the wreath form in brown ribbon securing with glue (hot glue gun) at the start and end points.


I cut rectangle pieces of the felt. They measured about  2.5 inches by 1.5 inches.


I then cut those rectangles into pointed feather shapes. I did make a leaf template to guide me when cutting.


I glued the feathers onto the wreath. I glued 3 leaves in each row. See photo below.


I only glued them onto the front of the wreath. I alternated the felt colors.


I cut a circle out of the brown stiffened felt for the turkey’s head. I cut out two white felt circles for the turkey’s eyes. I cut out two black felt circles for the pupils of the eyes. I glued the eyes onto the turkey. I cut out a beak and wattle and glued them to the turkey.


I glued the turkey head to the bottom of the wreath.


A finale look at my new Turkey Wreath.


Have you made any Thanksgiving crafts or wreaths?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Tissue Paper Stained Glass Turkeys (Kids Craft)

The kids and I made a simple Thanksgiving craft – tissue paper Stained Glass Turkeys. Their autumn colored feathers look pretty when the sun shines through them. The turkeys are adorable with the addition of googly eyes, beaks and wattles.


This is our second time making a stained glass craft project. Earlier this year, we made Stained Glass Butterflies. For Thanksgiving, we decided to make turkeys. It was a fun and easy.

The materials we used to make our Stained Glass Turkeys were brown cardstock paper, red cardstock paper, yellow cardstock paper, colored tissue papers (fall colors such as red, orange and yellow), clear contact paper, googly/wiggle eyes, scissors, glue, pencil and turkey templates.


I cut the fall colored tissue paper into several pieces. I also cut out turkey templates – the turkey and tail feathers outline. You could make your own template or use mine. Download my Turkey Template HERE.

TIP: The tissue paper pieces, the templates, the tail feathers outlines, turkey bodies, beaks and wattles were cut before I made this with my kids. My kids only had to decorate the turkeys.

To make the tail feathers outline, I folded my brown cardstock paper in half. The paper I used was a 12×12. You could use a 8.5×11. I placed the template on the folded paper. The dotted lines of the template go on the fold.


I traced the template onto the paper. I cut out the pattern. I then cut into this pattern piece to create the outline. You could make the outline as thick or thin as you like. See photo below for a visual step-by-step. I unfolded the paper.


I then placed the tail feathers outline on the sticky side of a piece of contact paper. My kids decorated their turkeys by placing pieces of tissue paper within the turkey feathers outline.


I placed another piece of contact paper (sticky side down) on top of the finished turkey. I smoothed it out.

I turned it over so I could see the outline.


I cut the excess contact paper.


My kids glued the turkey’s body in the middle of the feathers.


They then glued the googly eyes, wattle and beak. Our cute turkeys are done.


They look beautiful on our window. Look at the glorious fall colors shining through the tissue paper feathers of the turkey.


Have you made any tissue paper stained glass crafts? Have you made any Thanksgiving turkey crafts?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Give Thanks Burlap Sign

I recently finished decorating my mantle for the fall season. It displays fall projects such as my Pumpkin Shaped Berry Wreath and my Folded Paper Leaves. Honestly, finalizing my fall mantle was a slow process for me. I would add a pumpkin, then take away a vase. I would add back the vase, but then feel like it needed more. One fall décor item I’m happy to add to the display is my latest craft project – an easy to make Give Thanks Burlap Sign.


I decided to create a fall sign using burlap and a Sharpie marker since I recently had fun creating a Halloween Burlap Banner using Neon Sharpies.

This Give Thanks Burlap Sign is easy and quick to make.

The materials I used to make this Give Thanks Burlap Sign were pine craft wood (9.5 x 4.5 inches), a piece of burlap (light color), black Sharpie marker, print out of “Give Thanks” in a size and font I like, scissors, red paint (Americana Napa Red), Mod Podge and foam brushes.


First, I created and printed out the phrase “Give Thanks” on paper.

I painted the top and sides of my craft wood the color red (Americana Napa Red). I painted two coats. I let the paint completely dry.


I placed the burlap over my “Give Thanks” printout. I then used my Sharpie and traced over the letters and the pumpkin.


NOTE: The burlap I used is light in color so it was easy to see the letters underneath to trace. I did a test with a darker burlap and I could not see through it.

I cut the burlap to fit within my wood.

I dabbed a light amount of Mod Podge to the back of the burlap making sure to get the edges.


I secured it to the wood sign.


That’s it. My beautiful Give Thanks Burlap Sign is ready to be displayed with my other fall decorations.

Just like in my Monogram Burlap Décor, you may notice the burlap is not cut exactly straight. I like it this way. The imperfection gives it charm.


I love how the burlap sign looks with my Folded Paper Fall Leaves.

Have you made any burlap decorations for Fall?

Happy Crafting!

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Fall Ruffle Paper Wreath

I love the colors and patterns of the papers I used for my Folded Paper Leaves. I decided to make another project with the same scrapbook papers. I created a gorgeous Fall Ruffle Paper Wreath. It was inspired by a favorite project I made a few years ago -my Ruffly Kraft Paper Wreath.


This wreath is similar but not exactly like my original ruffly paper wreath. It uses three different patterns of paper and the circles have a scalloped edge.

The materials I used to make this Fall Ruffle Paper Wreath was a wreath form (12 inches), white ribbon, scallop circle punch, fall colored papers, pencil, wreath form, ribbon, hot glue and hot glue sticks. Scallop circle punch is 3.5 inches.


First, I wrapped ribbon around the wreath form using a hot glue gun to secure it at the beginning and end points.

Next, I used my scallop circle punch to make several scalloped circles from the scrapbook papers. You may recall I manually cut out circles for my ruffly paper wreath. You could also do it manually but a punch helps especially because this is scalloped.

NOTE: I do not know the exact number of scalloped circles I used on this wreath. I estimate I used about 80-90 circles. The number of circles needed depends on how tight you want the paper ruffles to be overall on the wreath.


I placed a bottom of a pencil (eraser side) in the middle of a circle and wrapped it around the pencil.


This creates the “ruffles.” I did this for all the circles.


I started gluing the circle ruffles onto the wreath form using a hot glue gun. I place glued on the bottom tip (white side of my paper) of a circle ruffle. I then attached it to the wreath. I continued to glue the circle ruffles all along the front of my wreath. The back side of the wreath has ruffles.


I checked my wreath often to make sure the ruffles looked nice and even and had no gaps.

TIP: Sometimes I used my pencil’s eraser side when I need to secure a circle ruffle onto the wreath. It helped to firmly push it in the middle.


I love how pretty my new Fall Ruffle Paper Wreath looks. I think it’s so beautiful with the white colors mixed in with the fall colors.


Have you made any Fall crafts or wreaths?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Halloween Pumpkin House

I have another fun Halloween project to share with you. I made an adorable Halloween Pumpkin House. I’ve seen cool pumpkin houses that look like fairy houses, haunted houses and even one that looks like Cinderella’s carriage. My pumpkin house is meant to be cute and kid friendly.


It’s so kid friendly that my kids want to put dollhouse furniture inside it. I, honestly, don’t mind if they do. As of now, the dollhouse furniture we have won’t fit through the pumpkin house’s door. It’s something to consider for next time. Or maybe, they’ll convince me to cut open the top so they can place the furniture inside. I suggested we put a small battery-powered LED candle inside to light it up at night. My daughter suggested we hang a mini chandelier light inside instead. I sure do love my kids’ creative thinking.

The materials I used to make this fun Halloween Pumpkin House are a foam pumpkin, Dremel using a 5/64 drill bit, felt (in charcoal gray and beige), scissors, paper, Creatology Halloween themed foam stickers, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks. Foam pumpkin and Halloween foam stickers are from Michaels.


I first created a template on paper of the windows and a door. I cut them out and taped them to the pumpkin. This helped me visualize how the house would look. I could also easily move and change sizes and shapes as needed before committing to a design.


I traced the windows and door onto the pumpkin using a pencil.


Now it’s time to drill. I recommend you do this outside. Drilling a foam pumpkin creates a lot of dust. Also, wear safety eyewear.

I admit I was a little nervous drilling into the foam pumpkin. This was my first time drilling/carving a foam pumpkin and my first time using a Dremel.

I learned I needed to have a steady hand. I also learned it was best to go in a downward motion.

Here’s a close up of my first ever cut on a foam pumpkin. It’s not perfect but it doesn’t need to be. I think it gives this pumpkin house character.


After I successfully, cut out my first window, I had confidence I could do the rest.


Next, I cut strips of felt to be the window shutters. I cut a frame for the door. I also cut out steps for the door.

I attached the shutters, door frame and steps onto the pumpkin using a hot glue gun.


I could have left our pumpkin at that. I think it already looks great. But I wanted our pumpkin house to have some cute Halloween decorations.


So I added a black cat, ghost, bat, spider, a witch hat and more.


We love our new Halloween Pumpkin House.

Have you made any Halloween crafts?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Glitter Spider Webs

This is an easy Halloween craft you can make on your own or with your kids – DIY Glitter Spider Webs. I know spider webs aren’t typically cute, sparkly or pretty, but that is the look I wanted. Remember, we love fun and cute Halloween decorations in our house. These glittery spider webs look fantastic hanging in our foyer.


Even the spiders are cute. I originally bought plastic spiders to place on the webs but my kids thought they were a bit spooky. Luckily, I found these cute spiders at Michaels. They are felt sticker spiders that also have rhinestones on them. Bonus – extra sparkle.


The materials I used to make these Glitter Spider Webs were Elmer’s glue, purple glitter, parchment paper or wax paper, purple ribbon and felt spider stickers. I used parchment paper because that’s what I had at the time. You could use wax paper.


I first created my spider web using glue. See photo below for a visual step-by-step.


I sprinkled glitter – a generous amount –  on the glue web. Notice in the left part of the photo below, how the spider web is fully covered. I mean you can’t even see the white glue. I wanted these spider webs to be very glittery. I dumped the extra glitter onto a paper towel.


TIP:  I folded the paper towel and then put the extra glitter back into the glitter container. I didn’t want to waste any glitter.


I let the spider web dry for at least 24 hours. This step is important. The glue needs to be completely dry.

I slowly and carefully removed the spider web off of the parchment paper.


I attached the cute spider onto the web. The back of the spiders had an adhesive dot already attached. This made it easy to attach to the glitter spider web.


I used ribbon to hang the spider webs.


What do you think? These Glitter Spider Webs look great as Halloween decorations.

Have you made any Halloween crafts?

Happy Crafting!

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Halloween Monster Paper Lanterns (Kids Craft)

I am excited to share this cute and easy Halloween kids craft with you. I had just as much fun making them as my kids did. In our house, we are all about cute Halloween decorations instead of scary ones. So our first craft project of the Halloween season are these adorable Monster Paper Lanterns.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersFinale

I mean it when I say this is an easy craft project. Kids can make it with little to no assistance. You may already be familiar with making paper lanterns. This is just decorating it to look like cute monsters.

The materials we used to make these Halloween Monster Paper Lanterns were papers in Halloween colors, white cardstock paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, glue, ribbon and goggly/wiggle eyes. The goggly eyes are in a variety of sizes. The papers we used I cut into 6 inch squares.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersMaterials

First, I folded a 6 inch square piece of paper in half.

I then made a fold about 1/2 an inch at the top. I did this to have a mark for where to stop when I do my cutting.

I also measured and marked every 1/2 inch along the fold using a ruler and pencil. This step is an optional step. My oldest daughter cut her paper lantern without any marks.

My kids and I then cut lines with scissors until the folded mark at the top. As I said above, my oldest daughter cut without needing any pencil marks. My younger daughter wanted the marked lines as a guide. My son didn’t want to cut at all. He just wanted to decorate the paper lanterns which was fine with me.

(See the picture below for visual step by step.)


We wrapped the paper around and secured with glue at both ends.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersJustPaperComplete

Now the fun part begins – decorating the paper lanterns to look like monsters. We glued on wiggle eyes. You can do one to however many.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersGogglyWiggleEyes

I cut out teeth using white cardstock paper. We glued on the teeth.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersTeeth

Here are some of my kids creations. They are all different. Some have two eyes, different sized eyes, or eyes lined up vertically. There’s no wrong way to decorate these monster paper lanterns.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersKidsCreations

Aren’t these Monster Paper Lanterns fun? They are now part of our collection of kid friendly décor we hang on our kitchen chandelier.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersCloseupThree

Have you made any Halloween projects with you kids?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY: Beautiful Fall Wreath

I have another fall-themed decoration to share with you. It’s a simple wreath full of warm autumn colors – a Beautiful Fall Wreath.


As I looked for ideas for a new fall wreath, I came across this wreath at Michaels.

I love the textures and how it has one common color. I used it as inspiration to make my fall wreath. Remember my mini pumpkin shaped wreath using berry stems. I purchased extra berry stems knowing I would make this wreath.

The materials I used to make this pretty fall wreath are a grapevine wreath, fall flower stems, acorns, scissors, glue gun and glue sticks. Everything on the wreath has orange tones in it.

The first step to making this easy wreath is attaching the berries. I kept the berry stems intact. I wrapped it around the back of the grapevine wreath to secure in place. The berry stems are wire based so it was easy to bend them and secure them onto the grapevine wreath.

Next, I glued on the acorns. The acorns were purchased at Michaels and came in small bags. They had acorns in all brown tones but I liked these acorns because of the orange on them. I also glued on the fall flowers you see on the wreath.

I cut, arranged and glued more fall stems to the grapevine wreath.

My lovely fall wreath in orange tones is complete.


Have you made any fall wreaths?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY: Folded Paper Fall Leaves

The changing of the leaves and the beauty of the colors is what I love most about fall. This inspired me to make these pretty folded paper leaves.


I love paper crafts. I also love the look of paper medallions. I noticed a half a paper medallion could be made into a leaf shape.

My first try at making a folded paper leaf looked more like a sea shell. After several trial and error attempts, it now looks like a leaf.


The materials I used to make Folded Paper Fall Leaves were paper with fall colors, leaf template, scissors and glue.

NOTE: The papers I used were 12×12 in size. You could use 8.5×11 at the minimum.


I first cut out my leaf template.

Download our Folded Paper Leaf Template HERE.

I folded a piece of scrapbook paper in half. The paper I used was a 12×12. You could use a 8.5×11 at the minimum.

I placed the leaf template on the folded paper. The dotted lines of the leaf template go on the fold.

I traced the leaf template onto the paper.


I cut out the leaf pattern. I unfolded the paper. See the pattern.


I started to accordion fold my leaf pattern. I started at the widest part. The folds are about 1/2 inch.


I then folded it together in the middle with the widest part up. It should line up and create a leaf.


I glued the two ends together.

I cut a strip of paper and glued it onto each leaf as the stem. I bent part of the strip of paper and glued it to the bottom of leaf. See photo below.


Aren’t the leaves pretty lying on the white background?


The Folded Paper Fall Leaves look beautiful displayed as a garland.


Have you made any fall projects with leaves?

Happy Crafting!

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