Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas (Kids Craft)


Are you looking for Valentine’s Day treats and cards you and your kids could make to give to their friends. Here are some fun ideas.

Here are some cute homemade Valentine’s using lollipops.



Here’s another idea – a You Make My Heart Glow Valentine. I love this idea where a teacher gave glow sticks to her students. Read more about it and get a download on The Teacher Wife.


We made some these cute You are just WRITE Valentine’s Day cards HERE.


We made some sweet Bursting with Happiness Valentine’s Day cards HERE.


My kids and I made these Handprint I LOVE You This Much cards. Read about it HERE.


We made this Wheelie Fun Valentine’s Day Card printable for my son. Read more about it HERE.


Another Valentine’s Day card I created for my son – Minecraft Valentine’s Day printable cards.

And for a girly Valentine’s Day card, get these You’re a Gem Valentine’s Day printable cards.

Find more Valentine’s Day card ideas that will appeal to boys HERE.


Have you made any homemade Valentines lately? Please share in the comments.

Find other Valentine’s Day ideas HERE.


8 Handprint Christmas Kids Crafts: Wreath, Tree, Reindeer, Snowman, Santa

A child’s handprint artwork and ornaments are great keepsake crafts. You can give them as a gift to grandparents and other loved ones.

I remember when a friend of mine made the cutest paper wreath using her daughter’s handprint as a template. She told me there were all sorts of Christmas kid projects you could do using their handprints. This conversation occurred over 5 years ago when my oldest daughter was a toddler. I did at the time make one with my daughter. I planned to take a picture of it today to show you in this post. Unfortunately, I can not find it. I’m sure it’s somewhere. I just have to keep looking.


Anyways, above is an example of a Handprint Christmas Wreath from Domestic in the City. It’s made out of felt but a paper one would look great also.

Listed below are other cute Handprint Christmas Craft ideas. Make a reindeer, a Christmas Tree, a snowman and/or Santa.

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Thanksgiving Sweet Snack Ideas


Last week, I shared with you how to make adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Cups. It was a kids craft meant to hold sweet treats. This got me thinking about other Thanksgiving snacks I’ve seen. I was also recently asked on our Facebook page for snack ideas.

Here are some fun snack ideas for Thanksgiving.

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On a Disney Vacation…


Hello everyone. I’m currently on vacation at Walt Disney World with my family. You may remember we were counting down the days with a Disney Vacation Mickey Chalkboard Countdown. Well, we’ve been here for almost a week and we’re having a GREAT time!

Normally in the past, I post a few things per day during breaks while on a family vacation. But this time I’ve made an intentional decision to truly take a “vacation” which means I haven’t been online. My family and are I are soaking up as much Disney fun as possible and enjoying every minute.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for coupons on Coupons.com, Redplum.com, CouponNetwork and Smartsource.com. Also, find other printable coupons I’ve posted HERE.  If you are looking for a specific coupon, use the Coupon Database.

Looking for something crafty, a household tip, or something to do in the kitchen? Catch up on my posts on DIY projects HERE, creative organizing ideas HERE. sweet recipes HERE, and my freezer cooking adventures HERE.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Happy Clippings. Enjoy the rest of the week.

DIY: Kids Framed Artwork Gallery


I love all the artwork my children make and I love to display them. I used to hang some of it on our refrigerator. The problem was the size and the number of these creative pieces quickly became overwhelming.

I needed a bigger space that could be dedicated to my kids’ masterpieces. So, I made a Framed Artwork Gallery. I took some old mismatched frames, painted them the same color and attached a clip.


These frames are hanging on a wall which can now display an ever-changing gallery of art. It’s perfect because this wall can be seen from our kitchen and family room. Two rooms where we spend the most time.

The materials I used for this project were frames, clips, spray paint, kraft paper, pencil, double sided tape and scissors. To hang the frames, I used kraft paper, scissors, pencil, painter’s tape, a level, hammer and nails.


Want to know how I created my Kids Art Gallery? Here’s my Tutorial:

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DIY: Wood Chalkboard Clips


Here is a simple and inexpensive craft project – Wood Chalkboard Clips. There are many things you could do with them. You can write a fun note on it, clip it to a baggie and place in your child’s lunch box.


Another idea is to clip them on a wire or string to hang papers or artwork. You could make it into a magnet clip and place on a refrigerator. They could also be clipped on a basket and used as labels. There are so many possibilities.


The materials I used for this project are small pieces of plywood, clothespins, clamp, painters tape, paint brush and black chalkboard paint. This craft project is thrifty because the wood pieces cost $0.29 each. A package of 50 clothespins is priced around $1. So, each clip only cost $0.31 plus minimal paint and glue cost. I already had some wood glue. And I still had plenty of chalkboard paint leftover from a previous project (my Disney Countdown Mickey Chalkboard).


Want to know how to make these Wood Chalkboard Clips? Here’s my Tutorial:

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DIY: Disney Vacation Countdown (Mickey Chalkboard)


Also read about how to make Disney World Map Coasters HERE.

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, then you know my family and I are big Disney fans. We love it so much that we go on a yearly Disney World vacation. We’ve never used a vacation countdown in the past. Unless you count the calendars we printed and marked off as the days got closer.

This year I wanted to make a fun Disney vacation countdown for the kids and the grown ups to get us excited…not that we need it since we are already looking forward to our vacation. So, I made a Mickey Chalkboard.

This Mickey Chalkboard is inspired by the chalkboard speech bubbles I’ve seen recently. I decided on a chalkboard so the kids can write and change the numbers themselves. I made it a Mickey silhouette to could be Disney themed.

The materials I used were a black foam board, plates for the Mickey template, pencil, X-acto knife, magnet strips, paint brush, chalk and black chalkboard paint.


Want to know how I made a Disney Vacation Countdown Mickey Chalkboard?! Here’s my Tutorial:

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Creative Lunch Box Notes – On Napkins and Paper (Plus Free Printables)


I started leaving lunch box notes for my kiddos when they were in preschool. My lunch box notes are usually cute drawings with a “Love, Mom” in the corner. These notes aren’t on paper but on a napkin. When I first started doing this, my drawings were simple like a soccer ball, flowers and rainbows. I also got into holiday theme drawings. But then my ambitious artistic side took over and I started drawing animated characters. I think it’s fun to color and draw with crayons as an adult. Anyone else feel this way?…or maybe it’s just me. 😉


My kids love these “Made by Mom” napkins. They even saved many of them (as seen in the pictures above). I will admit during last year’s school year (2010/11) I didn’t do this enough. Instead, I placed party themed napkins into their lunch boxes. I’m talking about the napkins you’d buy for birthday parties with characters like Hello Kitty, Transformers and Disney Princesses. If they went on sale, then I’d buy it. My kiddos also love getting these kind of napkins. But I want to get back to more personal notes this school year.

Here are some other fun lunch box notes to brighten your child’s day. I know I’m going to try a few of them.


The back to school apples from One Charming Party are adorable. I especially love the Apple Jacks as the worm.

I LOVE the lunch box note tags for fruit over at alphamom.

If your kids are Disney fans, then these printable Disney lunch box notes are for you.

The lunch box note/jokes from All for the Boys will make your kids smile.

Do you leave a note in your child’s lunch box?

Free First Day of School Signs (for Picture Taking)

Use these cute Back-to-School – First Day Printables from I Heart Nap Time to take first day of school pictures.

Below is what I’m going to need for my kiddos. I can’t believe I’ll have two in Kindergarten and one in 2nd Grade.

Go HERE to print these First Day of School Signs available in Preschool to 12th Grade.


Campfire Fun Crunch


Here’s a fun and healthy kids snack idea that’s easy to put together – Campfire Crunch.

Lately, my kiddos want to eat all the time. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s summer, they’re more active, maybe they’re bored or they’re going through a growth spurt. I figured with all their constant want/need for snacking…I’d better serve something healthy. But why not make it fun too. 🙂

I original saw this Campfire Crunch in a recent issue of Disney Family Fun magazine. The article credited the book Bean Appetit: Hip and Healthy Ways.

My kids love this kid-friendly snack dish. Why wouldn’t they?! Everything included in this edible campfire – grapes, pretzels and cheese – is something they love to eat. It was an instant hit. It’s all in the presentation, right?! 😉  Just like when I served Octopus Hotdogs and Fishies.

To make this edible campfire:

  • Cut grapes in half for the stones.
  • Mini pretzel sticks as the wood/sticks
  • Cheese slices (cut into flame shapes) as the fire flames
    NOTE: I wedged the cheese flames between pretzel sticks to keep them vertical.

My kiddos also wanted to have “people” around the campfire. So my daughter placed regular mini pretzels around it and we imagined they were the people.


Have you served any fun snacks to your kids lately?

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