DIY: Monogram Burlap Decor

I recently made my first monogram craft project. I call it a Monogram Burlap Decoration. If you can paint, cut and glue, then you, too, can make this project. It is a simple DIY decoration that also happens to be beautiful. Simple and beautiful – that’s the kind of projects we love to share here at Happy Clippings.


I think this monogram decoration is a great display for spring or summer. It’s bright yellow color makes me think of a marvelous sunny day. The burlap gives it texture. The flower embellishment adds another pretty layer to the overall design.

Want to make this Monogram Burlap Decoration? Read on for the tutorial.

The material I used to make this Monogram Burlap Décor are a basswood 8×8 canvas, yellow paint, white paint, foam brush, W letter, burlap, glue and small flower.


The burlap is a garland wrap from Michaels found in the floral section.

The paint is Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint. The color is Yellow Jacket. First, I painted the wood canvas yellow. I did two coats. I also painted the letter W white. (The photo above shows it white because I painted it already.)

I cut a square piece of burlap and attached it onto the wood. I used Mod Podge to attach it.

You may notice the burlap is not cut exactly square but I like it this way, The imperfection gives it charm.


I glued the W onto the burlap using a hot glue gun. I also glued on a tiny bouquet of yellow flowers onto the W monogram.


And that’s it. An easy personalized DIY project is complete. You can make one for yourself or make one for someone to give as a gift.

Have you made any monogram projects?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY: Springtime Paper Hot Air Balloons

I love making fun paper crafts. I’m excited to share with you our latest creation – Springtime Paper Hot Air Balloons. We usually display our cute holiday themed projects by hanging them on our kitchen chandelier. These Paper Hot Air Balloons are no exception.


The bright spring colors of the paper balloons are cheery. I also love the print of our hot air balloon’s basket. It’s a mini cupcake liner.

The materials I used to make these Springtme Paper Hot Air Ballons are scrapbook paper, an egg shape template, pencil, scissors, glue, tape, mini cupcake liners, light green ribbon and white ribbon.

The scrapbook paper, cupcake liners and ribbon were purchased at Michaels Stores.


To make a paper balloon, cut out six (6) egg shapes from scrapbook paper. My egg shape is about 5.25 inches in height. An oval shape would work also. But I like the look of an egg shape for a balloon. Note: The eggs are actually upside down when put together as a hot air balloon.

I used different paper patterns for each balloon – 2 green, 2 blue, 2 flower pattern – totaling  six (6) egg shapes. I folded each paper egg in half.

I took two folded eggs and glued (using a glue stick) them together back to back. I then glued another folded egg onto it so there were 3 folded eggs glued together.

I repeated again with the rest of the 3 paper eggs. I had 2 sets of glued-together eggs. We shall now call them 2 halves of the paper balloon.

See pictures for a better visual.


To attach the basket – I cut a strip of light green ribbon. It measures about 6.5 inches long.

I carefully poked holes through two opposite sides of my mini cupcake liner. I used a pencil point to make the holes. I stuck the ribbon through the holes.

I attached one end of the ribbon to the bottom back of one of the paper balloon halves. I used tape to attach it. I taped the other ribbon end to the other side of the paper balloon.

I then glued the other half of the paper balloon on top.  See pictures for a better visual.


The last step I did was use a hot glue gun to attach white ribbon to the top middle of the paper balloon.


So what do you think of our adorable Springtime Paper Hot Air Balloons?

Have you made any paper crafts lately?

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DIY: Mini Party Cup Chick and Bunny Craft

I recently made an adorable, fun and easy Easter craft project with my kids. There is something cute about chicks and bunnies using googly eye (wiggle eyes). Maybe, that’s why I keep making similar projects like last year’s Paper Chick, Bunny and Carrot Cones. This year we made Mini Chick and Bunny Party Cups.


This kid friendly Easter craft project was inspired by an egg carton chick. It reminded me of our Halloween egg carton bats. Although the egg cartons worked great for our Halloween bats, I had an issue figuring out how to cut my egg cartons for the chicks.

The grocery store eggs I normally purchase come in egg cartons which are shaped in a way where I would not be able to get a nice clean cut of one individual cup. The egg carton cup would have been too short after cutting. I did not have this problem with our egg carton bats because they use 3 cups and are cut with wings.

So instead of using egg cartons, I came up with the idea to use mini party cups. You can purchase mini party/nut cups at a craft store or party supply store in their baking section. Mine came in a pack of 36 cups. They measure 1.25 diameters.

You know how one idea leads to another. Well, I remembered our Thanksgiving Turkey Cups. You could also flip the cups and use them to hold goodies. That would be fun for a kid’s Easter party.


The materials I used to create this super cute Mini Party Cup Chick and Bunny Craft are Wilton White Mini Party Cups, scrapbook paper, cardstock paper, googly (wiggle) eyes, scissors, yellow marker, hole puncher, fine tip back marker and glue.


For the chicks, we cut out wings, a beak and feet from orange with white polka dot paper.

For the bunnies, we cut out ears and feet from pretty plaid paper. I used a hole puncher on pink cardstock paper to make the noses.


For the chicks, we colored the mini cup with a yellow marker. You could also try yellow paint.

For the bunnies, we left the cups as is because the bunnies are white.


We glued on the googly eyes and beak on the chicks. For the wings, we folded a small part of the wings and glued it to the sides.

We glued on the googly eyes and pink nose on the bunnies. I drew whiskers using a fine black sharpie. We glued the ears to the back.


To glue the feet for both the chick and bunny, we glued them on the inside of the cup and then bent them out.


If you’re making these as mini cups to hold goodies, then glue the ears and feet on the other ends. You know what I mean.


Will you be making any springtime or Easter crafts with your kids?

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