DIY Kids Toy Story Alien Costumes

I may be a crafty gal but I have no skills at sewing. Making a homemade Halloween costume is sometimes a challenge for me. Thankfully, I came up with a way to create cute homemade Disney Toy Story Alien costumes with my usual craft tools and supplies. No sewing required. I used felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun. The truly homemade parts of the costumes are the Pizza Planet logos, eyes, antennae and ears.


My family recently came home from a magical Walt Disney World vacation. We love visiting during the fall and especially enjoy attending the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. We wanted to dress up in Disney themed costumes for the party. The kids all agreed to be the cute little aliens from the Toy Story movies.

My challenge was to not buy a pre-made costume. The costumes needed to be comfortable, stylish, and simple. They also needed to be easy to pack in a suitcase.

For my two daughters, I wanted it to be girly. Instead of wearing long blue pants or a blue jumpsuit,  I bought blue skirts and short sleeve shirts from Justice (on sale). Also, they wore lime green headbands with alien eyes attached.

For my son, I bought a blue short sleeve shirt from Old Navy and shorts from Target. We chose shorts instead of pants because of the Florida warm weather. The alien head was made using a lime green hat with eyes, antennae, and ears attached.

The materials I used to make the Pizza Planet logos are blue felt, yellow felt, orange felt, red felt, gray felt, green felt, scissors, hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks.


I used an image of a Pizza Planet logo as my guide. I found the image on the Toy Story website. I tried to make the number and placement of each topping exact.


First, I cut out a circle from the blue felt. I used a can as my circle template.  You could use any circle as a template. I used the same can plus a smaller can to make my template for the orange felt circle outline that goes around the blue circle. I cut out a planet ring from the yellow felt. I cut out four small red felt circles for the pepperoni. I cut out three tiny mushroom from the grey felt. I cut of four little pieces of green felt.


I glued all the pieces together. First the orange felt outline on the blue circle. The yellow planet ring on and around the blue circle. Finally, I glued on the pizza toppings.


I attached the Pizza Planet logos to the blue shirts using a safety pin. I also stitched a small portion of the top and bottom of the logo with needle and thread to make it more secure.

The materials I used to make the alien headbands are lime green headbands, white felt, black felt, scissors, hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks.

The materials I used to make the alien hat are a lime green hat, white felt, black felt, lime green felt, lime green pipe cleaner, scissors, hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks.

For the alien eyes, I cut out white felt circles. I then cut out smaller black circles. I glued each black felt circle on top of a white circle. I glued three eyes each on the lime green hat and the lime green headbands.


For the hat antennae, I bent and shaped the top of a lime green pipe cleaner into a small ball. The rest of the pipe cleaner was bent and glued to the top of the lime green hat. I cut out two lime green felt ears and glued to the sides of the hat.


My husband and I also got into the costume fun. We dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. I purchased the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes.


My family and I had a fun time dressing up in Disney Toy Story themed costumes for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. It was an amazing party. There’s nothing like trick-or-treating at the Magic Kingdom.

Have you made any Halloween costumes?

Happy Halloween!

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Monster Rice Krispies Treats

Earlier today, I made these adorable Monster Rice Krispies Treats for my kids’ classroom Halloween party. Yes, it was so easy I am already posting about it. I wanted to share it with you as soon as possible in case you needed to make a last minute Halloween treat. You could serve them at a Monster-themed party. Match them with my Monster Paper Lanterns and my Monster Wreath with Colored Googly Eyes.


I made the classic Rice Krispies Treats recipe. All I did was shape them into balls and then top them with sugar sprinkles and candy eyeballs.


To make the Rice Krispies Treats into ball shapes, I used my fingers to scoop the mixture. I them shaped it using my hands.

Tip: I put a lot of butter on the palm of my hands and fingers so the mixture wouldn’t stick to them. I repeated this whenever my hands started getting sticky.


I topped the Rice Krispies Treats with sugar sprinkles in orange, purple and green. Another way to color to your monsters is to add food coloring to the melted marshmallow mix before adding the Rice Krispies cereal.

I used colored sugar sprinkles to give my monsters their color. It is easier this way in my opinion.


I added Wilton Candy Eyeballs to the Rice Krispies treats. I used Wilton Tube Decorating Gel – White to keep the eyes in place on the Monster Rice Krispies Treats.

How fun are these monster treats? I was able to make 20 little monsters.

Have you made any Halloween or monster treats?

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DIY Monster Wreath with Colored Googly Eyes

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleTarget

Do you need a last minute Halloween decoration or project to make? I have a fun, quick and easy Halloween craft project for you. You most likely already have one of the materials needed for it – toilet paper. That’s right, toilet paper. I used Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper to cover my spooky cute Multi-Colored Googly Eyes Monster Wreath.


Have you noticed I love creating projects using googly/wiggle eyes? This time I’m using colorful googly eyes. This monster wreath is more cute than scary and even matches the adorable Monster Paper Lanterns my kids and I made last month.

The materials I used to make this fun Multi-Colored Googly Eyes Monster Wreath were Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper, wreath form, glue, purple paper, orange paper, green paper, circle punch, scissors and colored googly eyes.


I went to Target to purchase a 12 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet paper using this Buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger and get a FREE box of Kleenex coupon (coupon available while supplies last).

I first wrapped my wreath form with toilet paper. The wreath form is a Floral & Craft Ring.

I folded, twisted loosely and made sure I did not wrap the toilet paper too tight around the wreath form. I did this so the wreath would have some extra fluff. I used glue to secure the toilet paper onto the wreath form each time I used a new strip of toilet paper.


I love how the wreath looks with just the toilet paper. In case you’re wondering, I did not use an entire roll of Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper.

Next, I  cut out circles to match my googly eyes using a circle punch. I glued the googly eyes to its matching color circles. I then glued the eyes randomly on the wreath.


Is it a mummy or a monster? To make sure there is no mistaking this wreath is a monster, I cut out and attached horns to it.


I also created and attached a sign saying “I’m Watching You!” The sign makes the wreath more playful and it makes me laugh.


Look at the pops of color from the googly eyes on the white toilet paper. Isn’t it fun?


You can purchase Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper by going to Target and using this Buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger and get a FREE box of Kleenex coupon (coupon is available while supplies last).

Have you made any Halloween decorations?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Neon Sharpie Halloween Burlap Banner

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #NeonSharpie

I am excited to show you my latest Halloween decoration. It’s a simple and cute Halloween DIY craft project – a Halloween Burlap Banner. For this banner, I wanted the color palette to go beyond orange and black. I wanted something colorful. Neon Sharpie markers made it easy to add bright colors to my banner.


Isn’t it pretty? When I have a Sharpie marker in my hand, I feel the need to doodle and draw. So instead of putting letters to form a word on my banner, I decided to draw Halloween-themed objects. I loved using Neon Sharpie markers to express my artistic side.


Want to know how to make a colorful Halloween Burlap Banner? Continue reading for the tutorial.

The materials I used to make this Halloween Burlap Banner were Neon Sharpie markers (orange, green, blue, pink and yellow), burlap (light color), felt (charcoal color), scissors, black Sharpie marker, black ribbon, banner templates, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.

I bought my Neon Sharpies at my local Target using this $1 off a 5 pack of Neon Sharpies coupon (coupon available while supplies last). NOTE: The 5 pack of Neon Sharpies is only available at select Target stores.


First, I made and cut out templates for my banner. One template is slightly bigger. The big template is for the felt background. The small template is for the burlap.


I traced my big template using a black Sharpie onto the felt. I cut out my felt banner piece. I repeated until I had 5 felt banner pieces.

I traced my small template using a pencil onto the burlap. I cut out my burlap banner piece. I repeated until I had 5 burlap banner pieces.


Now the fun part begins – it’s time to use the Neon Sharpie markers. I drew one Halloween character for each banner piece. I drew a green Frankenstein, an orange jack-o-lantern, a pink bat, a blue spider and a yellow ghost.


I kept my Halloween characters simple. You don’t need be a detailed artist to draw them.

See the photo below for how I drew the jack-o-lantern.


See the photo below to see how I drew Frankenstein. I first drew a rectangle in neon green. I then added the hair, stitches, eyes and mouth. Note: I outlined the Halloween characters in a black Sharpie marker. The eyes and mouths of all the characters were also drawn using a black Sharpie marker.


The characters are smiling because Halloween decorations in our house are cute and not scary. My neon-inspired drawings are meant to be kid friendly and colorful Halloween characters.

I also drew background patterns for some added fun – chevron and stripes.

I attached the burlap banner pieces to the felt banner pieces using a hot glue gun. I glue only the top part of the banner piece


I also glued black ribbon to the top front of the banner pieces.


This cute and colorful Halloween Banner is now complete. It’s that simple.


In addition to being easy and fun to make, this banner also looks fabulous. Look how bright and vivid the colors are all because of the Neon Sharpie markers.


My family and I love our new Halloween Burlap Banner. It looks great hanging in our family room.

You can purchase your own set of Neon Sharpies by going to Target and using this $1 off 5 pack of Neon Sharpies coupon (coupon is available while supplies last). NOTE: The 5 pack of Neon Sharpies is only available at select Target stores.

For more information about Neon Sharpie markers, visit Sharpie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Have you made any colorful Halloween decorations?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Halloween Pumpkin House

I have another fun Halloween project to share with you. I made an adorable Halloween Pumpkin House. I’ve seen cool pumpkin houses that look like fairy houses, haunted houses and even one that looks like Cinderella’s carriage. My pumpkin house is meant to be cute and kid friendly.


It’s so kid friendly that my kids want to put dollhouse furniture inside it. I, honestly, don’t mind if they do. As of now, the dollhouse furniture we have won’t fit through the pumpkin house’s door. It’s something to consider for next time. Or maybe, they’ll convince me to cut open the top so they can place the furniture inside. I suggested we put a small battery-powered LED candle inside to light it up at night. My daughter suggested we hang a mini chandelier light inside instead. I sure do love my kids’ creative thinking.

The materials I used to make this fun Halloween Pumpkin House are a foam pumpkin, Dremel using a 5/64 drill bit, felt (in charcoal gray and beige), scissors, paper, Creatology Halloween themed foam stickers, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks. Foam pumpkin and Halloween foam stickers are from Michaels.


I first created a template on paper of the windows and a door. I cut them out and taped them to the pumpkin. This helped me visualize how the house would look. I could also easily move and change sizes and shapes as needed before committing to a design.


I traced the windows and door onto the pumpkin using a pencil.


Now it’s time to drill. I recommend you do this outside. Drilling a foam pumpkin creates a lot of dust. Also, wear safety eyewear.

I admit I was a little nervous drilling into the foam pumpkin. This was my first time drilling/carving a foam pumpkin and my first time using a Dremel.

I learned I needed to have a steady hand. I also learned it was best to go in a downward motion.

Here’s a close up of my first ever cut on a foam pumpkin. It’s not perfect but it doesn’t need to be. I think it gives this pumpkin house character.


After I successfully, cut out my first window, I had confidence I could do the rest.


Next, I cut strips of felt to be the window shutters. I cut a frame for the door. I also cut out steps for the door.

I attached the shutters, door frame and steps onto the pumpkin using a hot glue gun.


I could have left our pumpkin at that. I think it already looks great. But I wanted our pumpkin house to have some cute Halloween decorations.


So I added a black cat, ghost, bat, spider, a witch hat and more.


We love our new Halloween Pumpkin House.

Have you made any Halloween crafts?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Glitter Spider Webs

This is an easy Halloween craft you can make on your own or with your kids – DIY Glitter Spider Webs. I know spider webs aren’t typically cute, sparkly or pretty, but that is the look I wanted. Remember, we love fun and cute Halloween decorations in our house. These glittery spider webs look fantastic hanging in our foyer.


Even the spiders are cute. I originally bought plastic spiders to place on the webs but my kids thought they were a bit spooky. Luckily, I found these cute spiders at Michaels. They are felt sticker spiders that also have rhinestones on them. Bonus – extra sparkle.


The materials I used to make these Glitter Spider Webs were Elmer’s glue, purple glitter, parchment paper or wax paper, purple ribbon and felt spider stickers. I used parchment paper because that’s what I had at the time. You could use wax paper.


I first created my spider web using glue. See photo below for a visual step-by-step.


I sprinkled glitter – a generous amount –  on the glue web. Notice in the left part of the photo below, how the spider web is fully covered. I mean you can’t even see the white glue. I wanted these spider webs to be very glittery. I dumped the extra glitter onto a paper towel.


TIP:  I folded the paper towel and then put the extra glitter back into the glitter container. I didn’t want to waste any glitter.


I let the spider web dry for at least 24 hours. This step is important. The glue needs to be completely dry.

I slowly and carefully removed the spider web off of the parchment paper.


I attached the cute spider onto the web. The back of the spiders had an adhesive dot already attached. This made it easy to attach to the glitter spider web.


I used ribbon to hang the spider webs.


What do you think? These Glitter Spider Webs look great as Halloween decorations.

Have you made any Halloween crafts?

Happy Crafting!

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Halloween Monster Paper Lanterns (Kids Craft)

I am excited to share this cute and easy Halloween kids craft with you. I had just as much fun making them as my kids did. In our house, we are all about cute Halloween decorations instead of scary ones. So our first craft project of the Halloween season are these adorable Monster Paper Lanterns.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersFinale

I mean it when I say this is an easy craft project. Kids can make it with little to no assistance. You may already be familiar with making paper lanterns. This is just decorating it to look like cute monsters.

The materials we used to make these Halloween Monster Paper Lanterns were papers in Halloween colors, white cardstock paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, glue, ribbon and goggly/wiggle eyes. The goggly eyes are in a variety of sizes. The papers we used I cut into 6 inch squares.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersMaterials

First, I folded a 6 inch square piece of paper in half.

I then made a fold about 1/2 an inch at the top. I did this to have a mark for where to stop when I do my cutting.

I also measured and marked every 1/2 inch along the fold using a ruler and pencil. This step is an optional step. My oldest daughter cut her paper lantern without any marks.

My kids and I then cut lines with scissors until the folded mark at the top. As I said above, my oldest daughter cut without needing any pencil marks. My younger daughter wanted the marked lines as a guide. My son didn’t want to cut at all. He just wanted to decorate the paper lanterns which was fine with me.

(See the picture below for visual step by step.)


We wrapped the paper around and secured with glue at both ends.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersJustPaperComplete

Now the fun part begins – decorating the paper lanterns to look like monsters. We glued on wiggle eyes. You can do one to however many.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersGogglyWiggleEyes

I cut out teeth using white cardstock paper. We glued on the teeth.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersTeeth

Here are some of my kids creations. They are all different. Some have two eyes, different sized eyes, or eyes lined up vertically. There’s no wrong way to decorate these monster paper lanterns.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersKidsCreations

Aren’t these Monster Paper Lanterns fun? They are now part of our collection of kid friendly décor we hang on our kitchen chandelier.

Halloween PaperLanternMonstersCloseupThree

Have you made any Halloween projects with you kids?

Happy Crafting!

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DIY: Halloween Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts (Kids Craft)


This year I’ve made a few fall themed items – fall wreath, a button tree art, and a swirly pumpkin & leaf garland –  but I realized none of them screamed Halloween. 🙂 It was time to make something. My kids and I recently did two fun Halloween crafts. We made cute bats out of an egg carton and adorable ghosts from leaves. Both projects are easy and kid friendly. I originally saw the bats on Enchanted Learning. I found the leaf ghosts on Disney’s Family Fun website. I thought hanging them together would look spooky cool in a cutesy kind of way. 🙂


The materials used for the bats were an egg carton, scissors, black paint, paintbrush, googly eyes, glue and ribbon.


The materials used for the ghosts were artificial (maple shaped) leaves, white paint, paintbrush, black marker, glue and ribbon.

GhostLeavesMaterials Want to know how to make egg carton bats and leaf ghosts?! Here’s the tutorial? [Read more…]