DIY: Chalkboard Glass Jars (Repurposed Vases, Containers)

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Here is an easy and inexpensive project you can make – Chalkboard Glass Jars. I simply repurposed some applesauce jars.

This is not the first time I’ve repurposed jars. I even personalized a jar to remind me of a beach vacation. There are so many cool things you could do with jars. They don’t necessarily have to be decorative. Jars can be repurposed to store items in your pantry or to hold office supplies. You could even use it hold utensils for a casual gathering.

For this project, I used chalkboard paint on my jars instead of scrapbook paper.

Projects using chalkboard paint are popular because they give your item flexibility in it’s purpose and style. All you have to do is change the words written or the pictures drawn and the item is transformed.


I am currently using the jars as Valentine’s Day décor. I drew a heart on the middle jar and parts of the arrow on both sides. (Find other Valentine’s Day ideas HERE.) Imagine what other fun drawings, words or quotes you could put on the jars whenever you feel like it. The possibilities are endless.

The materials I used for this project were jars (formerly apple sauce jars), painters tape, paint brush and gray chalkboard paint. I used Marthda Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Chalkboard Acrylic Paint in gray instead of the standard black.


I wanted to paint the middle part of the jars so I first placed blue painter’s tape at the top and bottom.


I then applied the chalkboard paint. I did 3 coats with at least 1 hour drying time between coats. I painted another coat after drying overnight – this was the 4th coat. I removed the blue painter’s tape. I waited another 24 hours. I lightly rubbed the entire surface with white chalk and wiped it off.

What would you do with chalkboard painted jars – use them as a vase or to hold craft supplies?

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DIY: Disney World Map Coasters


If you’re a Disney World fan, then I have a fun project that is easy and affordable – DIY Disney World Map Coasters. I was originally going to make map coasters with maps from a World Atlas. You may recall I used a map from an old World Atlas for a Personalized Map Art project.

I’ve seen several do-it-yourself map coasters all around the internet. I wanted to change it up…be different…have some fun with it. Well, we are currently planning our next Disney vacation which is what inspired me to use Disney World Maps. I was excited to do another Disney-themed project. (My last one was a Disney Vacation Countdown.)

These coasters are so much fun! My kiddos were all smiles when I first showed them the coasters. They love putting their drinks on them and talking about the attractions on the maps.

The materials I used for this project were old coasters, Mod Podge, polyurethane sealant, foam brush, pencil, scissors and printed maps of the Disney World parks. If you don’t have any old coasters, I’ve seen others use tile.


Want to know how to make Disney World Map Coasters? Continue reading…it’s easy.

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DIY: Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments


I am excited to share some Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments with you. Two of these ornaments used to be small jewelry gift boxes. One of them use to be a Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go kit container. Talk about recycling and repurposing boxes.

I was initially inspired by my friend Kerry from Totally Target. I am extremely grateful for Kerry because she has shared some of my DIY projects with her readers. She recently told me how she helped her son’s pre-school class by giving them Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go Travel Size Kits. The class used the deeper part of the kit’s box to make diorama ornaments. If you are a couponer, then chances are you familiar with these kits. You may have several of them and you probably got them for free (using coupons). I had 3 of them in my stock supply.


Anyways, I imagine the diorama ornaments they made were wonderfully fun and bright. I personally love cheery Christmas colors as seen in my previous Christmas projects.

For this project, though, my thoughts leaned towards making something shiny, sparkly and snowy. This season I have seen some pretty DIY waterless snow globe projects. My Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments were inspired by both diorama ornaments and waterless snow globes.

Want to know how to make Sparkly Snow Scene Ornaments? Continue reading…

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DIY: Christmas Ornament Shadow Box Display


I have another Christmas craft project to share. I made an Ornament Shadow Box Display. It’s so simple but fun and festive. It was inspired by this Modern Wood Sculpture Painted Wall Art.

The materials I used to make this shadow box project were a shadow box, paper, ornaments, glue dots and scissors. The white shadow box is from Michaels. If you have extra ornaments, then you are set. I was particular with the kind of ornaments I wanted to display, so I ended up buying new ones at Target. I was originally going to have red, green and white ornaments but I love having only two colors.


Want to know how to make this Holiday Ornament Shadow Box Display? Keep reading…it’s easy:

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DIY: Christmas Scrabble Art

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As you may recall, I happen to have an old Scrabble game from when I was a kid. I saved all the letter tiles thinking someday I may use it in a craft project. I did my first project using Scrabble tiles two months ago – Fall Scrabble and Button Art. I decided to make one for my Christmas décor.

I was originally going to make a Christmas Scrabble Art with the letters lined straight horizontally and vertically. I thought it would be more fun to arrange the letters in a non-traditional pattern.


Along with the Scrabble letter tiles, the other materials I used for this project were a white frame, red cardstock paper, Christmas themed scrapbook paper, pencil, scissors, ribbon, a button, glue stick and a hot glue gun.

Want to know how to make this Scrabble Art? Keep reading…it’s easy:

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DIY: Lantern Candy Jar

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Have you seen all the fun gumball machines made out of a terra cotta pot, saucer and glass bow jarl? These DIY gumball machines inspired me to make one but instead turn it into a lantern.

The gumball machines use a round glass jar. I had a salsa jar to repurpose and thought it made the gumball machine look more like a lantern. And so the Lantern Candy Jar was created.

This Lantern Candy Jar can be used to store candy or other sweet treats. It could also be used as a decoration. You could theme it for a holiday or party. All you have to do is change the jar’s contents to match your theme. Having a camping theme party? Then make this along with a Campfire Fun Crunch Snack. Want to use it for Halloween or for your fall theme decor? Then put Halloween colored candy in the jar. The possibilities are endless.


The materials I used for this project were a terra cotta pot, a terra cotta saucer, 1 inch round wooden bead, salsa jar, E-6000 glue (industrial strength glue), foam brush, black paint and black aluminum floral wire (12 gauge).

NOTE: I took my recycled salsa jar to Michaels (craft store) to see how it looked with various sizes of both the terra cotta pot and terra cotta saucer. The pot is the base and the saucer is the lid.


Want to know how to make this fun Candy Lantern?! Here’s the tutorial?

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DIY: Kids Framed Artwork Gallery


I love all the artwork my children make and I love to display them. I used to hang some of it on our refrigerator. The problem was the size and the number of these creative pieces quickly became overwhelming.

I needed a bigger space that could be dedicated to my kids’ masterpieces. So, I made a Framed Artwork Gallery. I took some old mismatched frames, painted them the same color and attached a clip.


These frames are hanging on a wall which can now display an ever-changing gallery of art. It’s perfect because this wall can be seen from our kitchen and family room. Two rooms where we spend the most time.

The materials I used for this project were frames, clips, spray paint, kraft paper, pencil, double sided tape and scissors. To hang the frames, I used kraft paper, scissors, pencil, painter’s tape, a level, hammer and nails.


Want to know how I created my Kids Art Gallery? Here’s my Tutorial:

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DIY: Wood Chalkboard Clips


Here is a simple and inexpensive craft project – Wood Chalkboard Clips. There are many things you could do with them. You can write a fun note on it, clip it to a baggie and place in your child’s lunch box.


Another idea is to clip them on a wire or string to hang papers or artwork. You could make it into a magnet clip and place on a refrigerator. They could also be clipped on a basket and used as labels. There are so many possibilities.


The materials I used for this project are small pieces of plywood, clothespins, clamp, painters tape, paint brush and black chalkboard paint. This craft project is thrifty because the wood pieces cost $0.29 each. A package of 50 clothespins is priced around $1. So, each clip only cost $0.31 plus minimal paint and glue cost. I already had some wood glue. And I still had plenty of chalkboard paint leftover from a previous project (my Disney Countdown Mickey Chalkboard).


Want to know how to make these Wood Chalkboard Clips? Here’s my Tutorial:

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DIY: Personalized Map Art – Life is a Journey


There are many DIY map-related projects around the internet such as wall décor and coasters. My map décor is comparatively small and simple. I like doing and showing you projects that are easy to make.

I especially love personalized projects like my recent vacation memory vase. So, I personalized this map print. My map themed inspiration came from projects where a vacation spot or where a couple met was highlighted.

My map print shows you where my husband grew up, where I grew up, where we met and where we currently live. I also added the words “Life is a Journey” to it. This map shows our journey to each other and to where we are raising our kids now.

The materials I used for this map project were a page from a World Atlas, a 5×7 frame, pencil, scissors and a printer.


How I made my Map Décor – Here’s my Tutorial:

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DIY: Vacation Memory Vase (Repurposed Glass Jar)


Here is a inexpensive, easy-to-make, and personal home décor accessory. It’s a simple way to remember a vacation or other personal memory. It’s personal because I used a vacation picture along with seashells found by my kiddos. This memory vase is based our most recent beach vacation.

I originally wanted to do a memory jar. I also considered displaying only family photos inside bottles or jars. My issue with doing a memory jar was we didn’t collect a lot of seashells on our beach vacation and they were all tiny. I didn’t think it would stand out inside a jar. So, I literally thought outside the box or jar. 😉

I decided to display our memories outside a jar instead of inside. Plus, I could also use the jar as a vase since everything was on the outside. This is how my Vacation Memory Vase came to be. 🙂

Another great thing about this project is I repurposed a jar from my recycle bin. This vase reminds me of my projects where I recycle and repurpose jars and bottles to use as a home décor accessory. But this time it’s more meaningful because I’m using personal items to decorate it.

The materials I used to make this memory-keeping craft project were a jar (formerly an apple sauce jar), string (found at Michaels jewelry making section), small seashells collected from our last beach vacation, personal vacation picture, small plywood piece, Mod Podge, and glue.


How to make a Vacation Memory Vase using a recycled jar – Here’s my Tutorial:

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