DIY: Summer Fun Wood Sign Blocks


I am back with another summer-themed DIY project – Summer Fun Wood Sign Blocks. They are my casual way of displaying a fun “to-do” list for any summer.

I was looking at my apothecary jar filled with paper ball decorations sitting on my mantle and thought it needed a fun accessory to sit next to it. I’ve also been wanting to make decorative blocks using Mod Podge. So, I came up with these Summer Fun Wood Sign Blocks.


These decorative blocks are super easy to make. All I needed was a printer, cardstock paper, straight edge cutter/trimmer, paint, foam paint brush, Mod Podge and wood blocks.


If you have wood scraps, then you could use that and save some money.

How to make a Summer Fun Wood Sign Blocks – Here’s my Tutorial:

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DIY: Silverware Wall Art


I have been thinking about making silverware wall art for a long time. I’ve seen it done beautifully where silverware was spray painted and glued to fabric and where silverware is pinned to a pin board. Both are great ways to frame silverware.

The walls in my dining room had nothing on them. So, I started my creative brainstorm.

I decided to not line my silverware parallel to each other. Instead, I crossed two pieces together and placed the third on top vertically. I think it’s a simple and beautiful way to display silverware. The background behind the silverware is scrap book paper I recently purchased on sale at Michaels ($0.25 each). (You know I love to use scrap book paper in my projects.)

I chose this scrap book paper because of the colors and I like the words/sentences written on it. The “bigger” words are in a deep dark red and it matches my dining room’s bottom half walls. Some of the bigger words written are Family, Sharing, Friends, and Hope. Some of the sentences are “Everyday is a good day to be thankful” and “One’s true colors become more vibrant in time.” I think this paper is meant for Thanksgiving but I believe it’s applicable to everyday life.


I am so thrilled with the way my Silverware Wall Art turned out. I love finally having something beautiful on my dining room walls. Well actually, one wall…the other walls in my dining room are still blank. Hopefully, a future DIY project will fill the rest of the dining room walls (and other walls in my house)

For this project I used silverware (forks and spoons), scrap book paper, ribbon, glue, tape, a straight edge cutter, and frames with mats.


Let me show you how to make this framed silver wall art.

Here’s my Silverware Wall Art Tutorial:

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DIY: Personalized Butterfly and Flower Art


April showers bring May flowers! It has been a very rainy April. I’ve decided to focus on all the flowers blooming and not the wet soggy weather. This inspired me to make a Butterfly and Flower Art. It’s a pretty one with a lovely flower, a polka dot ribbon, a cute photo and butterflies.

I even personalized the butterflies. Instead of simply writing your child’s name on the art work, why not put it on the butterflies. Better yet, don’t have the name shown once, but multiple times like it’s a book page. You can use your child’s nickname or real name.

This would make a nice gift for moms and grandmas. There’s something sweet about a homemade gift with a personal touch.


For this project I used scrap book paper, ribbon, glue, a button, heart punch, and a butterfly punch. Please note that all scrap book paper used was card stock and not lightweight paper. I also used a 8×8 frame and a photo.


Let me show you how to make this framed art work.

Here’s my Personalized Butterfly and Flower Art Tutorial:

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DIY: Jelly Bean Flower Vase PLUS Spring Mantle


In an attempt to keep things simple this week, I have a very easy project to show you. Some may remember the vase within a vase trick I did using Heart Bead Necklaces as Vase Fillers. This time I am not using bead necklaces. I used jelly beans to stay with the Easter/spring theme.

I LOVE the light springy colors of the Jelly Bean Vase!! It matches the bright sunshiny day we are having today!

All you need is a two vases and jelly beans (or other vase filler). The bigger vase use was purchase for $1 at a local dollar store.


I placed a smaller vase inside another vase. I then filled with jelly beans in between the vases. I also tied a polka dot green ribbon around the top of the vase just for fun. Finally, I put fresh pink tulips in the vase and placed on my mantle. I LOVE the light springy colors of the Jelly Bean Vase!!


Don’t the tulips look lovely in the vase?!

And maybe you’re wondering about the rest of the mantle?! Here’s the other side.


It may look familiar if you read my DIY Easter Bunny Bottle post.


And here’s a picture of the whole mantle.

If you’ve been reading my blog during the past 4 weeks, you already know about the Ruffy Spring Wreath and the Bunny Banner. I purchased the apothecary jar and the eggs inside it at Michaels using a 40% off coupon. The eggs on the candle holders (next to the Jelly Bean Vase) were made just like the ones in my Paper Flower and Egg Garland.

Hope everyone is having a bright day!

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DIY: Springtime Glass Bottle Vases


I am re-purposing glass again. This time I am using bottles instead of glass jars.

I thought some of our soon-to-recycled glass bottles might look cool as bud vases for flowers. I like that these bottles are green. The color green, the word “RENEW”, flowers and butterflies all make me think of spring!


I wanted to spruce up the bottles. I first thought of painting letters on them or placing some sort of letter adhesive. But then I saw a picture of a wine bottle with a gift tag on it. So I made my own gift tags and “prettied” them up. I love how using the gift tags makes the design changeable. You could take them off and use different tags with other letters to spell different words.

For this crafty project I used green glass bottles, a piece of a paper bag, scrap book paper, ribbon, string, hole puncher, small square foam double-sided adhesives, pencil, black sharpie pen, dark brown pencil, and glue. Most items you probably already have.


Here’s how I made my springtime glass bottle flower vases:

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DIY: Patchwork Wood Wall Art


Have I mentioned my house has many blank walls?! I am hoping to change that this year but in a cost effective way. The first wall to cover is in my living room. The above wall art I created was inspired by both Pottery Barn’s Piece art and a modern wreath made by Tatertots and Jello. I took elements from both items and came up with a patchwork wood frame wall art with some multi-dimensional effect.

I used scrap book paper, small plywood pieces, a mat, Mod Podge, hot glue gun, Exacto knife, scissors, and brown paint. Does some of the paper look familiar? It matches the repurposed glass jars I used as vases in my living room. I love the patterns in this particular scrap book paper set.


Here’s how I made my Patchwork Wood Wall Art:

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Repurposed Glass Jars with Decorative Paper


Don’t these repurposed jars look lovely with fresh tulips?! I am willing spring time to be here soon!

There are so many ways you can repurpose glass jars. You may already have some jars you plan to recycle. Or maybe you have some in your pantry or refrigerator that could soon be re-used once it’s empty. The glass jars I repurposed used to contain pasta sauce, salsa, and jam.


I decided to decorate them with scrap book paper, ribbon, string and buttons. All items I already had in the house.

Here’s how I made my decorative jars:


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DIY Newspaper Rose Gift Bows


Do you buy the Sunday newspaper? Do you get it for the coupons? How about you repurpose the Comics section to make some cute paper roses?!

Making roses out of paper, tissue paper, and fabric is nothing new. There are already some amazing creations such as a wreath made with paper roses and paper rose arrangements.

The kids and I recently wrapped a birthday present using a brown paper bag. It was a gift being given to my twins preschool friend. My daughter wanted to draw on it and make it her own special gift wrap creation. I thought it would be neat to put some bows on it by making paper roses using the Sunday Comics. The words and colors of that section make the roses look really cool (I think).

As you can see in the picture at the top of this post I made 3 roses. 1 medium sized and 2 smaller ones. I also cut out 2 leaves.

Here’s what you need to do:


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Valentine’s Day FREE Printable Coupon Books, PLUS Craft & Food Ideas

Valentines Day is in three days. Here are a few projects I’ve posted in the past month. (in case you missed it!)


Say it with Love Paper Heart Garland
Hanging Heart Bead Necklaces as Vase Filler
3D Hearts in Picture Frame
Chocolate Covered Heart Shaped Brownies

Here are a few others I’ve found around blogland that I love!

Cute Valentine Cards:

You’ve got to see these creative cards using a photo of your child and candy – Handing you a lollipop, You make me Snicker, and Blowing a Kiss!

See other Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas HERE.

FREE Printable Valentine Coupon Books:

So sweet Valentine’s Day Coupons book, Valentine Love Coupons, and I Love You So Much Coupons.

Lovely Wreaths:

Check out this gorgeous Ruffled Heart Wreath. Love it! Need more time to try this one.

I love this Valentine Wreath made out of cupcake liners!

Some Sweet Yumminess:

I love s’mores so these Heart-Shaped S’more Pops got my attention.

Rice Krispies are popular in out house, so these Rice Krispie Valentine Pops would be eaten up fast.

Hot chocolate is a great sweet treat to keep you warm up. These Marshmallows on a string are perfect for your Valentine’s Day hot cocoa!

Want something not sweet – How about pepperoni hearts on pizza? Even better is this Homemade heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni!

Make heart shaped carrots for your salad, soup or for dipping.

*** Find other Valentine’s Day ideas HERE.***

What Valentine’s Day crafts or food have you made or plan to make? Got any other ideas? PLEASE leave a comment and a link to it (if you have one or are a blogger)…I’d LOVE to hear all about it!!!


Heart-Shaped Bead Necklace Vase Fillers


Flowers. I HEART flowers. It’s that time of year where you see lots of hearts and flowers. I’ve already shown you my paper heart projects. It’s now time to talk about flowers.

Vase Fillers. You’ve seen them. You know what I’m talking about. Beads, gems, marbles, flower petals, or small fruits. I’ve even seen conversation hearts used. There are so many ways to dress up a vase. I like the idea of putting a vase within a vase so you can place the filler in between them.

So, I started to think of things I already have. I have girls who love jewelry (well so do I). We have quite a collection of bead necklaces. Most were given to my girls as party favor gifts. So, if you have lots of these long beaded necklaces OR maybe you yourself have plenty of bead-like necklaces, then this project may interest you.


I admit, though, I bought the necklaces for this particular arrangement. I wanted it to be Valentine-themed. Plus, I know it will definitely be put to use by my girls whether they wear it or give some away as gifts. The heart necklaces are from Michaels on sale at 40% off. I paid $4.80 for a total of 12 heart-shaped beaded necklaces.

For this project, my personal challenge was to NOT use a lot of necklaces. If you place the necklaces into a vase piled on top of each other, then you’ll end up needing several necklaces.

I was able to use only 12 necklaces for a medium sized vase by simply letting them “hang.”

Here’s what I did:

Put a smaller vase inside another vase. Place necklaces along some ribbon. Insert necklaces between the 2 vases covering the outer vase’s rim. You want the necklaces hanging inside although a part of them (depending on how long they are) will lie at the bottom of the vase. Pull and tie ribbon around vase. Please Note: You will need a vase with a lip so the ribbon tied around it is secure and won’t slip upwards. See pictures below for a better visual on how to do this.


A close-up view…


I love how the hanging the beads lets you see the heart shapes better.

And so you can see how it may look with another vase and other bead necklaces…


I can not wait to try out some other bead necklace designs for future floral arrangements.

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