How to be Happy as Christmas Morning

Happiness has been a topic of discussion over the years everyone wants to live that happy life without any sorrow, unfortunately, life is not about being always happy there are those times when as a person you can go through a rough patch but that doesn’t mean you remain downcast. Happiness is a choice so the decisions you make after being faced with situations that bring you down is really what matters.
According to Francis Wilshire, “Happiness is really a deep and harmonious inner satisfaction and approval.” What this statement means is that for an individual to radiate happiness they must have made peace with themselves, no more beating yourself over matters in your past and accepting the situations that happen to you and using them as learning opportunities. To be happy means to let go of the past and embrace the future possibilities, when you are happy you will attract other happy people to your life because we attract that which we radiate it’s the law of the universe. That does not mean however that we are not going to face negativity and people of ill will but where there is light darkness cannot help but depart.
So how to be happy as Christmas morning is an article that seeks to address the question of happiness and help individuals in pursuit of it. We all know Christmas is a merry period, there is plenty of love, warmth, and gifts to go around, this season is considered a period to hang around family and those people that we treasure hence, such days people are usually happier and full of joy than the rest.
The Principles of Happiness
1. Transform your thinking.
I am sure you have come across that popular tagline that goes ‘positive vibes only’. Well, your thought process ultimately reflects your daily life we only get to experience our thoughts about the world. There are various authors that have delved into the realm of transformational thinking my favorite being ‘As a Man Thinketh ’- James Allen all these books and study pieces are based on the precept that how individuals think has a proportionate relation to their well- being. Therefore, if you choose to focus on the positive and change your perception of the circumstances around you it will affect happiness to your life.
2. Accept Yourself
Disappointment usually kicks in when we feel like we are not good enough, it is prudent to understand your strengths and weaknesses such that when we fail to attain a certain goal we are able to commend our efforts and learn from the experience. This is important because in life we might be drawn into competing with other people instead of growing our personal best and because there are times we lose it brings with it a form of hurt. To be happy then means to be content with what you have and choose to love yourself despite any shortcomings and also you should learn to forgive yourself and others.
3. Reward Yourself
Positive experiences have been known to boost the intensity of happiness in people’s lives. As a child, there is that thing that brought joy and happiness to us such as riding a bike or going to the park, and as years go by and adulthood sets in we tend to be swallowed by a sense of responsibility and bills that need paying. However, the child in us still lives on and to be truly happy is to do those things that made ‘it’ excited, after working so hard take a break and breathe. Then find that thing that makes you happy and does it you will be surprised how relaxed and fulfilled you will be after doing that, create experiences for yourself and you can involve friends and family too.
4. Discipline
One way to ensure you are disciplined is to have a personal schedule and stick to it. This helps you to be efficient in carrying out tasks and reduces redundancy and frustration discipline can be in the form of an exercising program that you follow and doing it even when you do not really feel like you want to. Following a sleeping pattern also helps you ensure that you get enough rest which affects how you perceive positive and negative emotions. Discipline also puts a leash on destructive behavior such as engaging in small talk, gambling or drug abuse thus putting you in check.
5. Spend More Time with Family and Friends
Human beings are social beings and the relationships we have with other people especially those close to us really has a big role in our happiness. Meaningful connections create value and are a source of longevity because we depend on each other to form that complex social structure that forms a society.
Happiness then is a choice.