Say It With Love – Paper Heart Garland


Last week I showed you how I made 3D paper hearts to frame. This week I’m working with hearts and paper again but this time in the form of a garland. (UPD (1/18/12) Check out my latest Valentine’s Day project – A Heart Tree Art – The background paper matches this garland.)

Recently, I’ve seen some amazing paper heart garlands. Some made with book pages and others with magazine pages. Some are pretty hearts sewn together and there are also lovely heart garlands using eyelets and an eyelet tool. Love them all!

Well, currently, I don’t have any cool book or magazine pages to use…or a sewing machine or eyelets/eyelet tool. Oh …maybe someday… I’ll have all the right tools??

But for now, I’m working with what I’ve got! Here’s everything I used because I already had it my house: White printing paper, red construction paper cardstock paper (updated to note – I used cardstock paper not construction paper), a straight edge cutter, glue, red ribbon and a stapler. This whole project cost me nothing…it was FREE!

I was hoping to use paper with words but like I mentioned above I didn’t have anything like that to use. So, I created my own. I simply typed the word “Love” in different fonts, alternated black and red as the color, and then I printed on white paper. I “loved” the way this quick and easy idea turned out, but…it needed some color to make it pop! That’s how the red cardstock paper came into the picture.

PaperHeartGarlandPapers (1)

Cut paper into strips. My measurements:

The white paper – 11 inches tall and 3/4 inch wide.
The red paper – 10 inches tall and 1 inch wide.
The red heart (which is the inner part) is going to be smaller than the white heart.

Fold strips in half.

Center the white strip onto the red strip and line up ends. (Note: I glued the white to the red on the ends. This is optional here. I did some with glue and others without. Using glue does make it easier to handle.)


Take the ends and hold together to form a heart. Staple. That’s the first heart in your garland. Now staple the rest of strips to make interlocking hearts. I created garlands in sets of 3 interlocking hearts to hang on each light of our kitchen chandelier. I hung them with red ribbon.


Do you “Love” it?! We LOVE the heart garlands in our kitchen!

How about you – have you made any heart garlands for Valentine’s Day? Or any other Valentine’s Day crafts?

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