The Ways Your Mother Lied To You About Being Happy

Mothers often tell their children that they can be happy when they marry a man and settle down. They tell their sons that they need to find a nice girl and settle down. The problem is that mothers do not always know best. You need to look at the ways that people have been lied to by their parents, and you can see how this might stop you from being unhappy.

1. Think About Retirement All The Time

You cannot think about retirement all the time. You might want to save for the future, but you should really consider working just because you like doing something. You could do a lot of things until you are basically unable to work anymore, and that would be a much better use of your time than sitting around in your retirement. Some people have been retired for so long that they literally do nothing, and they end up going back to work. It is better that you have a plan to work because you will feel much more fulfilled.

2. Do A Job Just For The Job

There has to come a point at which you are doing a job that you like in some way. You could completely change how you work if you are doing something on the side, you are going to feel much better about how you are working because you are doing something that works for you. You probably have a lot of problems that you cannot fix now because you are spending all your time at a job that you hate. Your parents took jobs they didn’t like for the pension. You are not getting that pension, and that is why you need to do something on a higher level.

3. Marry

There is no reason that you have to marry. There is no reason to be in a relationship, and you do not have to have children. There are so many levels of relationships that you have never considered. First of all, you might spend the rest of your life in a deep and long lasting friendship with your best friend. You might live with them and do everything with them. This is a relationship that is still worth it.

You might be in a romantic friendship where you kiss and cuddle with your best friend, and you need to know that you can do this with someone that you love. You do not even have to have sex with this person because that is not a requirement of a relationship. You could be in a romantic relationship, and you do not have to get married.

You are not even required to have sex with your romantic partner. If one of you is asexual, you can be very fulfilled and perhaps adopt. However, no couple is required to have children. In fact, some couples set out not to have children.

4. Buy Everything

Older people think that you have to buy everything and have your whole family sunk into debt. The simple fact is that you do not have to do these things. You do not have to buy a house. You can rent. You can leave a car, and you might choose to keep moving around because you like the challenge. You might move overseas to teach English, and you could bring your kids with you. Settling down is a bad concept that ruins too many people because they never go anywhere or try anything.

5. Love Only One Person

If you cannot love your friends, you are missing out on a big part of your life. It makes sense for you to tell people how you feel because you can tell someone you love them and not be in love with them. This is a very big distinction that older people do not make, and it causes so many problems for people who think that they cannot find fulfillment in friendships. You could completely change someone’s life if you were willing to tell them that you love them. Be bold and tell your friends that you love them every day.

Old people think that the word love loses its meaning if you say it all the time. That could not be further from the truth. You must use that word to give people what they need.

6. The World Is Harsh

The world does not have to be harsh. Old people have made it harsh because they are, for the most part, rude and insensitive people. You can make the world a much softer place, and you should set out to do that every day. Old people are mean and unhappy because they choose to be. You can be soft and happy because you chose to be someone who has feelings that are expressed honestly.