Hi, I’m Lula Gatti, and you’ve just landed in my little corner of the internet—Happy Clippings. This blog is a carefully curated collection of the myriad topics and thoughts that capture my heart and pique my curiosity, much like a scrapbook filled with favorite clippings from life’s vast newspaper.

Happy Clippings started as my way to collect and share the snippets of life that intrigue and delight me. Here, you’ll find a kaleidoscope of content ranging from personal wellness tips and cultural insights to deep dives into environmental issues and the latest tech trends. Each post is a ‘clipping’—a selected piece that I’ve cut out to examine more closely and reflect upon.

The name “Happy Clippings” embodies the joy and satisfaction of gathering these pieces. It’s about clipping out moments, facts, and stories that bring a smile, provoke thought, or inspire change. In this blog, I weave these clippings together to present you with engaging, thoughtful, and sometimes playful explorations of the topics I love.

So, whether you’re looking for insight, inspiration, or just a good story, pull up a chair at Happy Clippings. Here, we celebrate the diversity of life’s offerings and share in the joy of discovery and learning together.