funny ship names for Sea of Thieves

Funny Ship Names for Sea of Thieves: Top 143 Picks

Choosing the right name for your ship in Sea of Thieves can add an extra layer of fun to your adventures. Funny ship names for Sea of Thieves not only make your vessel stand out but also bring a smile to your crew and fellow pirates. Whether you’re setting sail for treasure or engaging in epic battles, a humorous ship name can lighten the mood and create memorable moments.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best funny ship names for your Sea of Thieves escapades, helping you find the perfect moniker for your seafaring exploits.

funny ship names for Sea of Thieves

Popular Funny Ship Names

Choosing a funny ship name for your Sea of Thieves vessel can set the tone for your adventures on the high seas. These names are beloved by players for their humor and creativity, adding a touch of lightheartedness to the game. Here are some popular funny ship names that are sure to make you and your crew chuckle:

  1. The Salty Seadog
  2. Booty Hunter
  3. The Drunken Sailor
  4. The Plunder Blunder
  5. Pegleg Pete’s Pride
  6. Jolly Roger Dodger
  7. Seas the Day
  8. Ship Happens
  9. Arr We There Yet
  10. The Rum Runner
  11. Sea Biscuit
  12. The Grog Guzzler
  13. The Black Pearl Jam
  14. Starship Boopers
  15. The Notorious P.I.G.
  16. The Scurvy Seagull
  17. Kraken Snack
  18. The Parrot Party
  19. The Naughty Buoy
  20. Floaty McBoatface

Pirate-Themed Funny Ship Names

Embracing the pirate theme can add an extra layer of fun to your Sea of Thieves adventures. These names capture the spirit of the high seas and the mischievous nature of pirates. Here are some pirate-themed funny ship names:

  1. The Cutlass Clown
  2. Pirate’s Booty
  3. Swashbuckler’s Folly
  4. The Buccaneer Buffet
  5. Blackbeard’s Blunder
  6. The Pirate Paradox
  7. The Plunder Prowler
  8. Captain’s Caprice
  9. The Marauder’s Mirage
  10. The Sea Scallywag
  11. The Corsair’s Comedy
  12. Plankwalker’s Pride
  13. The Scurvy Scoundrel
  14. The Privateer Prank
  15. The Rogue’s Ruse
  16. The Mutineer’s Mirth
  17. The Dread Pirate’s Delight

Pun-Based Ship Names

Puns are a great way to bring humor to your ship’s name, making it both clever and amusing. Here are some pun-based ship names:

  1. Pier Pressure
  2. Knot on My Watch
  3. Nauti Buoy
  4. Usain Boat
  5. Ship For Brains
  6. Y Knot
  7. Seasick Seahorse
  8. Water You Thinking?
  9. Bow Movement
  10. Aquaholic
  11. Ketch Me If You Can
  12. Row vs. Wade
  13. Full Mast Ahead
  14. Shore Thing
  15. Decks Appeal
  16. Stern Words
  17. Float Your Boat

Food and Drink Inspired Ship Names

Incorporating food and drink into your ship’s name can add a playful and lighthearted twist. Here are some food and drink inspired ship names:

  1. The Salty Pretzel
  2. The Fish ‘n’ Chips
  3. The Briny Pickle
  4. Captain’s Caramel
  5. The Spicy Tuna
  6. The Saucy Seafarer
  7. The Crusty Crab
  8. The Bubbly Brew
  9. The Lemonade Lagoon
  10. The Chum Bucket
  11. The Biscuit Barge
  12. The Jellyfish Jam
  13. The Melon Muncher
  14. The Wine and Brine
  15. The Cookie Cruiser
  16. The Popcorn Pirate
  17. The Caffeine Clipper

Pop Culture References

Drawing inspiration from pop culture can give your ship a fun and recognizable name that resonates with fellow players. Here are some pop culture-inspired ship names:

  1. Sailor Moonshine
  2. The Mandalorian Mariner
  3. Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo
  4. The Game of Sails
  5. The Kraken King
  6. Harry Plopper
  7. The Marvelous Mariner
  8. The Fellowship of the Ship
  9. The Simpson’s Schooner
  10. The Jedi Junker
  11. The Pirate of the Caribbean
  12. The Millennium Falconeer
  13. The SpongeBob ShipPants
  14. The Wonder Woman’s Wave
  15. The Avengers Ark
  16. The Stranger Tides
  17. The X-Men’s X-Boat

Animal-Inspired Ship Names

Using animals as inspiration can result in some funny and creative ship names that highlight the playful nature of your crew. Here are some animal-inspired ship names:

  1. The Salty Seahorse
  2. The Crab King
  3. The Plucky Pelican
  4. The Jolly Jellyfish
  5. The Dancing Dolphin
  6. The Cackling Cormorant
  7. The Witty Walrus
  8. The Feisty Ferret
  9. The Mighty Manatee
  10. The Grouchy Grouper
  11. The Clever Coyote
  12. The Brave Badger
  13. The Silly Squid
  14. The Laughing Loon
  15. The Rowdy Raccoon
  16. The Bold Barracuda
  17. The Cheeky Chimp

Double Entendre Ship Names

Double entendre names add a playful and sometimes cheeky twist to your ship’s identity. Here are some double entendre ship names:

  1. The Seamen Ship
  2. The Wet Dream
  3. The Ship Faced
  4. The Booby Trap
  5. The Sloop du Jour
  6. The Knotty Girl
  7. The Pier Pleasure
  8. The Sea Duction
  9. The Nauti Gal
  10. The Pug Boat
  11. The Tug Life
  12. The Porthole Punch
  13. The Seaductive Siren
  14. The Bow Movement
  15. The Sails Gone Wild
  16. The Decked Out
  17. The Buoyant Beast
  18. The Aft Adventure
  19. The Dock Holiday

Random and Wacky Ship Names

Sometimes the best ship names are the ones that are completely off-the-wall and unexpected. Here are some random and wacky ship names:

  1. The Unsinkable II
  2. Titanic Jr.
  3. The Wobble Goblin
  4. The Dinghy Dynasty
  5. The Silly Sloop
  6. The Wacky Wave
  7. The Bumbleboat
  8. The Flapjack Flotilla
  9. The Topsy-Turvy
  10. The Wobble Wagon
  11. The Quirky Quasar
  12. The Nutty Nautilus
  13. The Wibble Wobble
  14. The Crazy Keel
  15. The Dizzy Dory
  16. The Zany Zephyr
  17. The Oddity Odyssey
  18. The Bonkers Brigantine
  19. The Peculiar Prow

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